Asia Art Center (Beijing) 亞洲藝術中心 (北京)
北京798艺术园区,朝阳区酒仙桥路2号. Dashanzi 798 Art Dist, No.2, jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang Dist. Beijing 100015, China
8610 59789709
Opening Hours
Opening Hours / 10:00 am - 6:30 pm (Closed on Mon)

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Asia Art Center (Beijing)

In 1982, Asia Art Center was founded in Taipei. For the past 30 years, we witnessed the political reform and opening up in the 1990s in Taiwan, economic miracle and the rise of China, and we also walked through several financial crises. Despite the rapid cultural changes that were driven by political and economic turbulence, we endeavor to plan and execute our global strategies, securing their rightful place in the world scene for all our artists. As one of the leading galleries in Asia, we believe that a unique artistic vocabulary can be informed through returning to the womb of our artistic heritage, which we perceive as an emerging art trend in the 21st century. The “Spirit of the East” was thus first conceived in 2007.

The highly-developed technology nowadays has enabled information to be transmitted faster than ever before, inducing globalization while at the same time, diminishing individuality. In an era where art has succumbed to consumerism, we embrace the authenticity and essence of each creative artwork. We collaborated with international art professionals to curate exhibitions with significant academic value. Our artists have exhibited at Venice Biennale, Metropolitan Museum of Art, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Ludwig Museum, Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Singapore Art Museum, National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei, and more. In 2013, Discovery Channel’s Chineseness program took viewers from over 30 countries deep into the minds and lives of our represented artists, enthralling audiences worldwide.

Asia Art Center currently has one space at the 798 Art District in Beijing, which is originally an old Bauhaus-style factory of 1,100 sqm. The headquarters in Taipei occupies 1,000 sqm, and the second branch’s high-ceilinged space is designed for contemporary art installations. Our offices in Paris, Venice, Singapore, and Hong Kong enhance communication and connection with the global arts.