Aurora Museum
Opening Hours
开馆时间 周二至周日 10:00-17:00/周五延长至21:00/周一休馆 售票时间 周二至周日 9:30-16:00/周五延长至20:00

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Aurora Museum

The Aurora Museum, located on the banks of the Huang Pu River in Shanghai’s Lujiazui Financial District, officially opened in October 2013, with a floor space spanning a total of 6316 m2 over six floors.

The Aurora Museum’s mission combines collecting, research, exhibiting, and education, and is committed to the preservation and transmission of, and contribution to, Chinese history and culture. At the same time we are, in conjunction with Peking University’s School of Archaeology and Museology, promoting the study of antiquities.

The Museum’s collection consists mainly of Buddhist sculptures, jades, pottery , blue and white porcelains and carved stone reliefs. There is also a special Antiquities Research Center, in which analytical research is conducted using the principles of antiquarianism, in order to provide comprehensive and multi-faceted account of the historical objects on display to our visitors.

The Aurora Museum exists to pass on our historical heritage, providing the general public with a new forum in which they can appreciate and learn about works of art or simply come to enjoy a day out. At the same time, the Museum aspires to be a cultural landmark in Shanghai, standing proud for all the world to see.