Shanghai Himalayas Museum(上海喜玛拉雅美术馆)
3rd F, District A, NO.869 Ying Hua Road, Pudong district, Shanghai 200135
+86 21 5033.9801
Opening Hours
10:00 - 18:00 (close on Monday)

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Shanghai Himalayas Museum

A Museum With Attitude
Established by Zendai Group in 2005, the Shanghai Himalayas Museum (formerly known as Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art) is a privately-funded, non-profit art institute focusing on art exhibition, education, collection, research and academic exchanges. With vision and an open mind, the museum plays an active role in promoting cultural and art developments, exploring new patterns for museums in the context of the contemporary society, discovering new art forces, and promoting communication and collaboration between China and abroad and among different disciplines to showcase and interpret eastern values and spirit with a contemporary touch. Moreover, the museum is also committed to furthering public art education in terms of both width and depth, to making art more accessible to the general public and to cultivating a new generation of audiences.

Promoting Chinese Culture Spirit
Shanghai Himalayas Museum pays close attention to the changes taking place in contemporary Chinese culture scene as well as the society as a whole, and is committed to exploring and promoting the landscape of Chinese art and culture.

Where Art Integrates with Life
Home to Shanghai Himalayas Museum, the Shanghai Himalayas Centre, invested by Zendai Group and designed by the renowned architect Arata Isozak, is located in the heartland of the fast-developing Pudong area. Covering an area of over 30,000sqm, and an overall building area of 180,000sqm, the Center ingeniously combines nature, culture and architecture together. Incorporating a luxury hotel, high-end shopping mall, museum and theatre, the center is hailed as a new landmark in the city of Shanghai. While inheriting the legacy of Chinese traditional culture and arts, it also aspires to showcase eastern values and spirit as well as lifestyle aesthetics with a contemporary touch.

International Exchange Platform
Shanghai Himalayas Museum puts great emphasis on international academic exchanges, attempting to make up China’s gap and deficiency in the development of contemporary art.

Art Education for the Public
Public art education is one of the most valuable works for art museums. It serves as a bridge between art and the public. As a non-profit art museum, Shanghai Himalayas Museum has been devoting itself to exploiting art educating methods which features different groups of people. Through guiding tours, art lectures, workshops, creative competitions for children, volunteer works, and learning camps for teachers, people are rendered the opportunities to be exposed to art, during which time, they are able to develop their independent aesthetic awareness and gradually get an overall cultural accomplishment.

The new site of the museum,located at Shanghai Himalayas Center is to be unveiled in mid 2013.Other than the main space in Pudong,the museum also has branch spaces: Zendai Contemporary Art Space,which is located at Wuwei Creative Park in northeast Shanghai and focuses on the study and exploration of experimental and avant-garde art;and Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Museum,which is located in the picturesque water town in southwest Shanghai and mainly focuses on Inernational Artisr-in-residence program and the presentation of experimental Chinese ink art.