Long Museum Pudong(龙美术馆浦东馆)
LONG MUSEUM , No.210, Lane 2255, Luoshan Road, Shanghai
86 21 68778787
Opening Hours
9:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Sunday
Wang Wei

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Long Museum Pudong

About Long Museum

After more than two years’ preparation, LONG MUSEUM had its opening on December 18th, 2012.

LONG MUSEUM, located in No.210, Lane 2255, Luoshan Rd., Pudong New District, Shanghai, near SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Center), covers an area of 10,000 m2. It is designed and reconstructed by Beijing Zhong Song Design Studio. The light off-white architecture in square shape is made of granites, which highlights the oriental quality of simplicity and purity. The main architecture consists of four layers: B1 is the public areas, including library and reading rooms, lecture hall, art salon and multi-media exhibition space etc. Public education programs like art lectures, trainings, seminars and exchanges will be held here. Exhibition halls on F1 will regularly host grand contemporary exhibitions on different themes. And there are leisure facilities such as art store, cafe shop etc. on F1. Exhibition halls on F2 mainly present revolutionary artworks and Red-classic paintings from the Period of Republic of China. F3 is the permanent exhibition hall for Chinese ancient treasures including Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphies, porcelains and jades.

The founder Mrs. Wang Wei will act as the museum’s chief curator, Mr. Huang Jian will be the executive curator. There are four functional departments, namely Academy & Publication dept., Collection & Exhibition dept., Marketing & PR dept. and Administration & HR dept. in LONG MUSEUM. Renowned art critics and professionals including Li Xianting, Shan Guolin, Chen Lvsheng, Wang Huangsheng, Lv Peng and Zhao Li are invited as the museum’s academic counselors offering advice and academic supports for its operation and development.

It has been nearly twenty years since the museum founders Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei began their art collection. By acquiring the important representative artworks in each historical period, they have gradually established three main subjects of collection, namely Chinese traditional art, Chinese revolutionary art, and modern and contemporary art. The couple found LONG MUSEUM with their substantial collection and aim to make it align with those world-class private museums.

LONG MUSEUM will cooperate closely with curators both in domestic and abroad and present several choice exhibitions each year. Following the principles of giving equal importance to art collection and academic research, LONG MUSEUM will play an active role in promoting art education, art exchange etc. “Museum is of great importance in the long run,” quotes the executive curator Mr. Huang Jian, “LONG MUSEUM is a brand-new museum, we will explore our own development mode by absorbing management experience of the western museums combining with domestic practices.”

Meanwhile, LONG MUSEUM takes promoting art dissemination as its mission and will facilitate communications between art and the public by plenty of exhibitions and education events. “Museum is the spiritual heaven in the city” said Huang Lian, “We not necessarily need to educate anyone, but only exhibiting what we think great thus to inspire the art researchers with in-depth perception, the common audience with visual enjoyment and the children with wonderful primary impression.”

Moreover, the couple’s another private museum, which is invited by the Xuhui government, is now under construction and is scheduled to open at the end of 2013. This museum, with its display space of 16000 square meters, is located at the core position of the cultural corridor of rivering Western bank of Xuhui District.

On the occasion, the two museums on both sides of the Huangpu River will definitely become the new cultural landmark of the city of Shanghai.