Simon Lee Gallery, New York
26 East 64th Street (Second Floor) New York, N.Y. 10065
+1 (646) 678 5654
Opening Hours
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
Simon Lee

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Simon Lee Gallery (New York)

Simon Lee Gallery was founded in 2002 in Mayfair, London. It represents artists of diverse generations whose practices range from sculpture and painting to video and photography and who share a broad interest in an exploration of the conceptual.

Aiming to provide a significant British and international audience for its artists, the gallery also regularly punctuates its programme with historical exhibitions and curated group shows. This gives us the opportunity to present shifts in contemporary art practice and thought, whilst broadening the dialogue with artists outside of the gallery programme. These projects combined with the gallery programme further the commitment to a discourse on art and culture in the London context.

The gallery publishes catalogues and artist’s monographs and collaborates with museums and other commercial galleries to give its artists exposure outside London and to provide them with a rigorous context.

In addition to its UK activity, the gallery opened a permanent gallery space in Hong Kong in 2012, helping to introduce gallery artists to a wider public in Hong Kong and Asia. In the past years, the Hong Kong gallery has developed a fully independent programme, working with artists from the Simon Lee stable, and inviting participation from other artists and curators to create a broader context and framework. In 2014, Simon Lee Gallery opened an office and private viewing space across the first floor of a New York townhouse at East 64th Street.