Telescope {artist studio} 望远镜{艺术工作室}
10 CaoChangDi, Beijing
T: 010 - 64337031
Opening Hours
THU-SUN 11:00-18:00 (other hours by appointment)
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Telescope {artist studio}

Telescope {artist studio} is a non-profit styled project space located in Cao Chang Di, Beijing. Its aim is to serve the emerging artists and art communities of China by providing exhibition, curatorial, writing, and mentoring opportunities in its gallery space. Founded by James Elaine, US artist and curator, Telescope will also be a cultural bridge providing exposure and opportunities for China’s emerging artists abroad.

Telescope is supported by a grant from the Metabolic Studio, Los Angeles, and by the assistance of Beam Contemporary Art, New York, London.

Tai Tai Fund

Telescope’s inaugural exhibition in September 2012 featured the first showing of the work of Deng Tai, a talented young Beijing artist. In July of that year at the young age of 24 ‘Tai Tai’ tragically passed away, leaving us with poignant and inspiring images from his life and vision. In his memory, Telescope has established a philanthropic fund to support the emerging artists of China. Through donations and the sale of his photographs 100% of the receipts will go to help artists with special needs and to the continued support of Telescope. Through Deng Tai’s life and work Telescope believes that other lives can be encouraged through exhibition, mentoring, and educational opportunities. This is our mission.

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