天津美术馆 Tianjin Art Museum
60 Pingjiang Dao, Hexi District 300201 Tianjin, China(天津河西区平江道60号)
Opening Hours
09:00-16:00 Tuesday - Sunday (last admission: 16:00) Closed on every Monday (09:00——16:30(16:00停止入馆)。每周二至周日免费开放,每周一闭馆)

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Tianjin Art Museum

Tianjin Art Museum is a comprehensive art museum of plastic arts focusing on collection, research, popularization and exhibitions of modern and contemporary artistic works and dedicated to aesthetic education and international cultural exchanges.
The overall floorage of the museum boasts 28,065 square meters. The main building is 29.7 meters high with 5 stories. The approved amount of capital invested totaled RMB 430 million yuan. The 1,800-square-meter exhibition hall on the 2nd floor is the most distinctive for its 8-meter height, the present highest construction standard in China.
Learning from other museums of the same kind and integrating various design ideas, Tianjin Art Museum can hold exhibitions of different kinds and different volumes, showing strong adaptability to changes.
Located by a lake, the museum fully reflects the feature of water loving in Tianjin culture. From the waterside terrace to the outdoor sculpture square and then to the indoor public zone on the 1st floor, the visitors can move quite fluently from the natural space to the art space. Indoor art and outdoor environment are well blended here.
Being in the leading position in China, the museum can simultaneously hold a number of large-scale exhibitions of top quality and high standard. Different kinds of art treasures, including traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, woodcuts, handicrafts and so on, can be displayed at the same time.
Besides being a platform of exhibiting art works, the museum also serves as a base of public aesthetic education. It is committed to providing cultural service for the public, opening a window for the citizens into high art and urban civilization. While ensuring regular exhibitions, some auxiliary facilities are offered to encourage the visitors’ participation into art appreciation and even art creation. There are a lecture hall, a seminar room, a library of fine arts, an art studio, a workshop for restoration and mounting of paintings and a VIP room. In addition, to satisfy visitors’ demand for diversification, the museum is equipped with a large area for commercial and leisure services. The gross area of the open zone plus the service zone amounts to 7,000 square meters, far ahead of other art museums in China.
On the 4th floor, there is a general display hall mainly composed of closed shelves specially used for exhibiting artistic works of contemporary noted artists, domestically acclaimed Tianjin painters as well as those art works with Tianjin local characteristics.
The exhibition hall is equipped with mobile display boards and walls which can slide freely, creating different spatial layout according to different requirements. Meanwhile, advanced facilities are outfitted as required by relevant regulations, including central air-conditioning system, constant temperature and humidity system, central monitoring system, modern lighting system, fire alarm system and round-the-clock safety alarm system. The modern reservation room is digitally managed with the world latest information technology, reaching the international standard in terms of both hardware and software outfit.
For visitors with movement-related difficulties, special facilities are available in the museum, including obstacle-free elevators, channels, washrooms on every floor and a computer with one-touch searching software at the gate. Moreover, the art bookstore, the shop of art works, the gallery, the tea art house and the cafe jointly create a fine leisure milieu for the visitors.
The museum attaches great emphasis on its function of strengthening public cultural education and providing better cultural service to meet the cultural demand of the public. Adhering to the concept of “artistic resource sharing”, the museum tries its best to enable more people to enjoy fine art and share the best cultural achievements. We will strive to develop Tianjin Art Museum into a centre of exhibition, academic research, art education and art information, as well as a centre for collecting art works of modern and contemporary Tianjin artists.

Organization Structure
Tianjin Art Museum—General Office—Publicity & Education Department—Book Reservation Department—Exhibition & Planning Department—Administration & Security Department

Leading Group
Ma Chi
Director of Tianjin Art Museum
Ma Chi, male, the Han nationality, was born in Tianjin in 1972. He graduated from the Department of Oriental Culture and Art, Nankai University. Once as a correspondent of Tianjin Daily News, he was responsible for sections of “Art Collection” and “Celebrity Interview” of the paper and wrote a large number of articles on art review and interview for various newspapers and magazines. He also planned and organized several art exhibitions. At the present he holds the position of Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum.

Lu Yongxiu
Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum
Lu Yongxiu, female, the Han nationality, graduated as a Museology major from the History Department of Nankai University. Having successively served as Associate Professor of Museology and Office Manager of Tianjin Municipal Art Museum, Propaganda & Education Director of Tianjin Museum, she at the present holds the positions of Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum and Vice Chairman of the Professional Board for Marketing and Public Relations of China Museums’ Association. She is also honored with Professor of Museology, a member of China Artists Association and Adjunct Professor in the History School of Tianjin Normal University. She was once awarded the honorable title of Outstanding Worker in the cultural sector at state-level. Focusing on researches of ancient Chinese bronze wares and Tianjin local collectors for years, she has published articles of over 200,000 words on the professional periodical Cultural Relics as well as in such books as Art Archaeology in West China and Top Collectors in Tianjin. She also co-authored Handbook of Cultural Relics Identification, Donated Selections of Mr. Xu Shizhang and Choice Collections of Tianjin Museum.

Curator’s Note
As a newly-built cultural venue, Tianjin Art Museum will learn widely from the strong points of other museums at home and abroad, integrate and assimilate their advanced concepts and valuable experience. Through sorting out academic data and planning specialized exhibitions which are of academic, creative and prospective nature, we will give full play to the museum’s function as a public cultural education base. In the academic spirit of compatibility, opening and diversification, we will conduct domestic and international artistic talks and exchanges.
At the same time, we will give expression to the museum’s multiple cultural functions, promoting luxuriant and diversified art and culture, uplifting the aesthetic perception of the public.

Mission of the Museum
Tianjin Art Museum was founded to popularize art education, spread advanced culture, strengthen international cultural exchanges and promote the growth of socialist culture.
The museum takes it on itself to collect, study, popularize and exhibit the art works of modern and contemporary artists. To offer more and better cultural services to the public, we will organize or introduce high-standard and top-quality exhibitions from home or abroad. Meanwhile, to meet the people’s demand for basic cultural rights and interests, the museum will energetically promote art education and carry out the policy of “benefiting the people and opening to the people for free”.

Visit Notes
1. Inflammable, explosive and hazardous articles strictly prohibited.
2. No beverages or food from outside.
3. No pets allowed.
4. No smoking. No spitting. No littering.
5. No admittance in sloppy dresses.
6. Please observe the visiting order and obey the museum staff. Do not lie on the seats or make any uncivilized behaviors.
7. Do not touch the exhibits or any related exhibition devices. Keep a proper distance from the exhibits.
8. Keep quiet. No jostle or horseplay.
9. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult. The elderly with movement-related difficulties must be accompanied by his /her relative(s) or friend(s).
10. Free deposit for large-sized luggage. You are advised to carry your valuables with you.
11. Free wheelchairs are available for the disabled or the elderly with movement-related difficulties.
12. No peddling. No distribution of bag stuffers. Business activities strictly prohibited in the museum.

How to Get a Ticket
1. Free tickets upon presenting valid IDs such as resident ID card, employee’s card, student’s identity card or senior citizen’s pass.
2. Reservations for group tour (10 visitors or above) must be arranged by phone two weeks in advance. Tickets are issued according to the reservation number and reservation time.
3. Seniors over 65 and above, members of the armed forces, as well as the handicapped are given priority to get tickets with valid proofs.
4. Tickets will not be issued when the allowed number of tickets has been issued out.
5. When the museum is overfilled, tickets will not be issued.
Ticket Service Number: 022-83883300

Opening Hours:
09:00-16:30 Tuesday – Sunday (last admission: 16:00)
Closed on every Monday
Address: 60 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, CHINA
Telephone Number: 022-83883300

How to Get to Tianjin Art Museum
By bus: Lines 47, 662, 668, 686, 800, 835, 868, 912 Wenyuanbeili Stop