Today Art Museum(今日美术馆)
Building 4, Pingod Community, No.32 Baiziwan Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing(北京市朝阳区百子湾路32号苹果社区)
010 5876 0600
Opening Hours
Building 1:10am - 10pm Building 2,3:10am - 5pm

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Today Art Museum

Today Art Museum was founded by Zhang Baoquan in 2002. Alex Gao officially began his service as Executive Director of TAM in August, 2013.And he promoted as the Museum director in April 2014.The museum aims to promote Chinese contemporary art based on an internationalized vision and a contemporary ideology. As the first non-for-profit, non-governmental art museum in China, TAM is dedicated to explore an appropriate development strategy for museums of its kind within a Chinese context.

“Foothold on today, outlook for tomorrow” is the slogan behind Today Art Museum, and creating one of the best contemporary art museums is our goal. We focus on Chinese contemporary art, its trends and key figures. At the same time, we strive to discover and support young artists in the community. Through the construction of a larger institutional framework and by carrying on relevant academic practices, TAM hopes to solidify its standing in the history of art and offer a multi-tiered approach to China’s burgeoning art scene. TAM also promotes international dialogue through exhibitions and events that provide structure for meaningful cultural exchange between Chinese and non-Chinese artists and organizations. In a global context, we believe these opportunities are the greatest means to secure future development of Chinese art.

To maintain international standards for construction and operation of a non-governmental museum, TAM cleared a unique path and by 2006, successfully completed its transformation into a non-profit organization.

Today Art Museum explores sustained development for China’s private museums, adopting a more pragmatic approach that will gradually form a sound financial model for similar institutions.

Our Mission: Push Chinese contemporary art into the future. Today is not simply this present moment; it is the past and future. We understand the Art of Today. Our achievement and responsibility is the Art of Today. We share with the world the Art of Today.

Our Method: While focusing on the contemporary art of China and its key figures, we also place great importance on supporting young artists of the community through facilitation of events that create dialogue between artists and organizations from around the world, trying to find, in the context of globalization, the future of art. We seek to bridge the gaps between people and museum, art practice and exhibition space, exhibition space and viewer, viewer and artist. Our efforts make the “Art of Today” the feelings, knowledge and appreciation of Today.

Our Institution: We view ourselves as a fully operational academic institution that grows stronger day by day with further financial support. Our endeavors include exhibitions, art education programs, and appraisal of artwork. We also act as an archive and publishing house. Our website (www.artnow.com.cn) promotes the digitization of contemporary Chinese artwork, providing information and images to the public. TAM also hosts salons regarding different subjects, and we have a bookstore.

Our Venue: Today Art Museum is located in Chaoyang District in the heart of CBD, just off Baiziwan Road in the Pingguo Community. The complex encompasses 4000m2, and its avant-garde exterior stands out amongst others, fusing industrial relics with the cotemporary for a look that is as unique as the art it holds. Architect Wang Hui has made sure contemporary art has a place to be noticed.