EX: 1/30/2012
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2015.06.18 Thu, by

Plastic History

Voet has kept up with her interest and explorations in female identity, primitivism, contemporary media, and modernism...
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2014.12.30 Tue, by

Mark Bradford:The Tears of a Tree-Upcoming exhibition at Rockbund Art Museum

The Rockbund Art Museum is pleased to present the first major museum exhibition in Asia of the celebrated Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford. >> Read more
2014.12.09 Tue, by

M Home Living in Space

M Home随寓而安·红星美凯龙艺术大展,北京尤伦斯见 >> Read more
2014.11.12 Wed, by

The Making of A Museum

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Aurora Museum, the exhibition "The Making of A Museum" presents seven internationally renowned contemporary artists who engage and interfere with the Museum’s space and collection. >> Read more
2014.07.31 Thu, by

Silence: the 1990s

“Silence: the 1990s” is curated by Leo Xu, and features newly commissioned and historic works by artists aaajiao, Chen Wei, Cheng Ran, Guo Hongwei, Michael Lin, Liu Chuang, and Xu Zhen. >> Read more
2014.05.23 Fri, by


Perhaps coincidentally, it is these artists with the least exposure in Shanghai who best capture the current global zeitgeist As a result, the exhibition proposes an evolutionary narrative of some kind, beginning with landmark projects produced a decade ago for which artists traveled to or were temporarily-based in China... >> Read more
2014.05.23 Fri, by

Baby Basel and HK Island Dreams

While the minimum and average quality of art displayed was noticeably higher than last year (better galleries, minimal kitsch) the art displayed was generally conservative—innovation was seldom seen... >> Read more
2014.05.12 Mon, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014 preview

At the fair itself, over 245 galleries will be participating—a mix of international blue-chip galleries, top Asian and mainland Chinese galleries, as well as local galleries (We will be writing more when the fair opens).
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2014.05.01 Thu, by


Through video, photography, installation, sound, and performance works, this exhibition explores the plurality of Topophila: how these artists relate to a sense of place, and their (cultural-geographic-psychological) identity. >> Read more
2013.11.29 Fri, by

Art021: When a Fair Becomes a Reality

The inaugural edition of Art021 opened officially yesterday in Shanghai to general acclaim and surprise. Fair-goers were quietly surprised by the quality of the booths, their overall positive response no doubt helped by the lack of prior expectations... >> Read more

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