EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.02.07 Tue, by


Galerie Nathalie Obadia is thrilled to organise Assemblage, the first personal exhibition by Australian artist Brook Andrew in Brussels. >> Read more
2017.02.06 Mon, by

David Zwirner
New York

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Alice Neel curated by Hilton Als, the selection includes works that the artist made during her five decades of living and working in upper Manhattan。 >> Read more
2016.11.25 Fri, by

Shanghai Gold Rush Part 1: West Bund Art & Design

I stepped off the plane, inhaled deeply, and choked on the news that America had elected Donald Duck as president. Had the plane actually crashed in a massive ball of fire without me noticing? >> Read more
2016.11.08 Tue, by

Pulse Reaction II — Discussionson Reality and Realism

Continuing in the model of Pulse Reaction I of providing a platform for the exchange of ideas between Chinese contemporary art practitioners, >> Read more
2016.11.02 Wed, by

“Polka Dots”
David Zwirner
New York

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new sculptures by Carol Bove, marking her first show with the gallery in New York. >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.08.18 Thu, by

An interview with Andre Fu

We spoke to Fu about his debt to the Bauhaus, how returning to Hong Kong has redefined his idea of space, his architectural heroes, and building an apartment inside a nightclub. >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.08.18 Thu, by

Press the Button

Press the Button, published by OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) Shenzhen, was born out of Leung’s eponymous solo exhibition at OCAT Shenzhen in 2015. After the exhibition, Leung created 54 hand drawings along with textual description for each of the works showcased at the exhibition. Limited to an edition of 50, the individually numbered box […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.06.23 Thu, by

Ran Dian Design: Basel Pavilions

Pavilions were everywhere at Basel this year. Dan Graham of course, but also more widely John McCracken, ...and all through Design Miami / Basel. >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.06.17 Fri, by

Lucas Ihlein & Trevor Yeung
“Sea Pearl White Cloud”
Observation Society, Guangzhou

A two-stage exhibition at Guangzhou’s Observation Society and Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art highlights unique urban conditions across two cities. >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.05.18 Wed, by

20 Years of Para Site: 2016 International Conference and Workshops for Emerging Professionals

Para Site is proud to present the 2016 edition of its International Conference, a major three-day gathering in Hong Kong of practitioners from around the world. >> Read more

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