EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.03.10 Thu, by

“Jit Ze – Asian Film and Video Screening” is coming to happen

Hot sugar cane (Cantonese: jit6 ze3 ) was once a popular snack in Hong Kong cinemas; it is also a taste that can be found all across Asia... >> Read more
2015.06.23 Tue, by

Memory Burns: OCAT Institute Beijing to Open

OCAT’s new Beijing space, the OCAT Institute, is due to open to the public on June 27th. As a non-profit academic research institution, the OCAT Institute will aim at research and publishing, archiving, and exhibition exchanges. >> Read more
2014.11.18 Tue, by

Winners of the 2014 CCAA Contemporary Chinese Art Award Announced

On November 14, the winners of the 2014 Contemporary Chinese Art Award (CCAA) were announced at the Central Academy of Fine Arts....
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Extra, 2014.09.03 Wed, by

Frieze Begs Questions in Beijing

On Saturday, CAFAM was host to an afternoon with Frieze magazine, raising questions about publishing on art in China.
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Extra, 2014.04.26 Sat, by

15 Years Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA)

Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA) will soon launch its 15th anniversary exhibition, “15 Years Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA)”, at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai.
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Extra, 2013.05.10 Fri, by

Bund18 Temporary Art Space

Bund18 Temporary Art Space is an ongoing art project that can be accessed at any time. The future projects of Bund18 Temporary Art Space will constitute an integral aspect of Bund18’s elegant cultural ambiance while serving the world of contemporary art through its investigation into exhibition and showcasing paradigms. The Bund18 Temporary Art Space also […] >> Read more

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