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2016.05.18 Wed, by

“Doctrine of New Capital”: Works from the Huang Yu Collection (2007-2016)

This exhibition gathers 100+ works by 65 important artists, spanning various media and types. >> Read more
2016.03.18 Fri, by

Europe at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016
Ran Dian preview

Ran Dian Art Basel Hong Kong preview of galleries from Europe—Athens, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Paris, San Gimignano, Salzburg, Torino, Vienna, Zurich >> Read more
2016.03.16 Wed, by

ACAF March News – Between You and Them

The Year of the Monkey sees the first exhibition at the ACAF Art Space in Shanghai and an extension of our Fellowship Program. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.06.18 Tue, by

Endless Circuit: Disjointed Notes towards an Essay on the Work of the Artist Yu Youhan

Paul Gladston charts the trajectory of Yu Youhan’s practice from his literati inspired abstract works, to his political pop paintings to his fusion inspired landscapes — revealing new meanings behind his worth through in-depth interviews with the artist. >> Read more
Think, 2010.12.15 Wed, by

Why Care about the Shanghai Biennale?

How a Shanghai institution helped legalize avant-garde art practice. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2010.10.09 Sat, by

Popular Music in Contemporary Art…

Other attempts at cross-genre synergy, as with attempts by the Modern Media music critic, Jian Cui, the second-rate punk musician, Wang (Gia) Yue, of Hang on the Box, and others to present themselves as artists, often under the aegis of exhibitions and markets known as “Mary In >> Read more

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