EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.08.03 Sun, by

CCAA Art Award to Seek Public Nominations

Coming on to sixteen years since its inception, the CCAA (Chinese Contemporary Art Award) has decided to open up to public nominations on the basis of its original system of nominators. >> Read more
2014.07.15 Tue, by


Xiaoyang has devoted himself exclusively to shanshui (Literally, ‘mountains and water’; the Chinese concept of brush-and-ink landscape painting) art for over ten years. >> Read more
2014.07.11 Fri, by

Shanghai’s Power Station of Art Announces Winners of the “Emerging Curators Program”

The PSA's academic committee commenced their final assessment for PSA’s Emerging Curators Program. 21 proposals made it into the final round of deliberation, and committee members voted for the top three proposals. >> Read more
2014.05.26 Mon, by

Red Brick Museum’s “Tales from the Taiping Era”

The rather (post-)modern looks of a museum made sheerly from red bricks and a garden made up only of slate-gray bricks summon up almost a surreal dream—but real it is! >> Read more
2014.04.17 Thu, by

Tales from the Taiping Era

The Redbrick Museum in Beijing opens with a group show entitled "Tales from the Taiping Era." >> Read more
2014.02.26 Wed, by

PSA’s “Emerging Curators Program” a Much Needed Effort

PSA’s “Emerging Curator’s Program” is a much-needed effort. The three winners will receive RMB 330,000 to complete their projects, along with support and guidance from the museum staff.
>> Read more
2013.11.25 Mon, by

Dong Bingfeng Announced as Winner of 2013 Chinese Contemporary Art Critic Award

Dong Bingfeng has been announced as the winning critic for 2013—his entry being the proposal for a book entitled Cinema of Exhibition: Film in Contemporary Chinese Art. >> Read more
2013.09.24 Tue, by

West Bund 2013: A Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art

The West Bank Architecture and Contemporary Art Biennale 2013 will be held in the waterfront of Xuhui District, Shanghai in October, 2013. >> Read more
Commentary, 2013.06.06 Thu, by

The Elysée Treaty and Curatorial Strategies of Reconciliation

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, which ended a disastrous century of arch enmity between France and Germany, a very ambitious conference was held at the famous China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou... >> Read more
Commentary, 2013.01.25 Fri, by

Happiness Building I

Hanart TZ Gallery and School of Creative Media at CityU jointly present Chen Chieh-Jen’s latest project Happiness Building I, showing the film Happiness Building I and its production process. Two sessions of discussion hosted by Gao Shiming and Chang Tsong-Zung will be held on the opening day. You are cordially invited to join us at […] >> Read more

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