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2015.07.19 Sun, by

Minuscule in Scope — Gargantuan in Perspective, at ShanghART H-Space, on 18th July, 2015

ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present the summer group exhibition Minuscule in Scope, Gargantuan in Perspective at H-Space. The exhibition would last until August 23rd. >> Read more
2014.12.10 Wed, by


“V&P”, combines of the first letter of ‘Video’ and ‘Photograph’, is the last exhibition of ShanghART Beijing in 2014 >> Read more
Art World, 2014.07.11 Fri, by

Down the Rabbit Hole—Into the Warrens of Basement 6

The cramped, labyrinthine tunnels witness an eclectica of scenes. Dancers in the dark and dimly lit drinks constitute its standard fare. One Sunday last fall, that took the form of Junky Cao, a sound artist, concealed behind a Mexican wrestling mask... >> Read more
Art World, 2014.05.20 Tue, by

“Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs”

Whitebox Art Centre (New York) is proud to present "Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs"
>> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.04.03 Thu, by

The Best Auction Group in China?

WeChat / Weixin is a mobile app in China that has taken off like wildfire since it was first released in 2011. Now, it is being used to hold independent art auctions. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.11.05 Tue, by

The Quiet Rooms

On 5 December 2013, LIANG Yue will present her second solo exhibition The Quiet Rooms at ShanghART H-Space. The artist has been developing her visual language in the past ten years mostly through photography, video as well as video installation. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.09.13 Fri, by

N-Minutes International Video Selection

Known as the reputed, the 3rd N-Minutes Video Art Festival will hold a screening activity for more than two months' length. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.07.20 Sat, by

ShanghART Summer Show

Artists: HU Jieming LIANG Yue MadeIn Company Mao Yan SHI Qing WU Yiming YANG Fudong YU Youhan YANG Zhenzhong ZHOU Tiehai >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.03.13 Wed, by

Shanghai Surprise: Contemporary Art in Shanghai Since 2000

‘Shanghai Surprise’ is a project curated by Shanghai-based Leo Xu and Azure Wu who have experienced the city’s metamorphosis from 2000 to present. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.01.23 Wed, by

Queen LiLi ‘s Garden

"Queen LiLi's Garden" is a group video and photography exhibition by artists BIRD HEAD, Chen Xiaoyun, Geng Jianyi, Liang Yue, Sun Xun and Yang Fudong. >> Read more

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