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Interviews, 2013.01.11 Fri, by

ON and OFF with Zhao Zhao

“ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice,” an exhibition of the work of 50 young mainland Chinese artists, will open at UCCA in Beijing on January 13, 2013. >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.12.20 Thu, by

Flipping the Switch with Sun Dongdong

As a preview to the exhibition “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” randian 燃点 is publishing a series of conversations in the lead-up to the opening, offering insights into the concept and planning of the show, and the perspectives of participating artists. Randian Editors Iona Whittaker and Liang Shuhan meet curator Sun Dongdong.... >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.11.30 Fri, by

The Other 80s of Wang Guangyi

Beijing Editors Iona Whittaker and Liang Shuhan examine the value, in hindsight, of Wang Guangyi's activities and first paintings in the 80s, at the juncture of art, politics, and philosophy.

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Artist profiles, 2012.11.24 Sat, by

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

In light of Liu Wei’s recent solo exhibition at Long March Space in Beijing, randian sought out the artist in his studio located on the outskirts of Beijing to discuss media, social intervention, consumerist culture and creativity in a post-industrial world.
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Artist profiles, 2012.09.01 Sat, by


Ran Dian 燃点 magazine is owned and run by its editors. It was launched in 2010 in Shanghai by Chris Moore, Daniel Szehin Ho and Rebecca Catching. Publishing in Chinese and English we promote independent cultural debate in China and foster intellectual exchange between China and the rest of the world. This means independent commentary […] >> Read more

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