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2017.09.02 Sat, by

Tang Chao
“From Lack to Light”
Vanguard Gallery

When I passed the National Convention Center, I saw a doll show, and then I wrote a note on paper: >> Read more
Think, 2017.05.19 Fri, by

“Brains in a Vat” and the “Failology” of Art—Dedicated to Hilary Putnam

The renowned American philosopher Hilary Putnam passed away last year. Even though he was a pioneering figure in new American Pragmatism, second to none in both the multi-disciplinary scope and abundance of his work, he was still, at the time of his death, best remembered for coming up with the question known as “brains in a vat”… >> Read more
Think, 2016.04.26 Tue, by

Utopia and Beyond

From April 24to June 18, 2016, Castello Di Rivara Contemporary Art Centre (Turin, Italy) would hold a group exhibition Utopia and Beyond curated by Shi Jian. >> Read more
Think, 2015.01.30 Fri, by

Anders Kjellesvik – Über Ende und Anfang – Michael Janssen Berlin

Galerie Michael Janssen is pleased to present Über Ende und Anfang, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Anders Kjellesvik. >> Read more
Think, 2014.10.22 Wed, by

Another Chinese Dream: Beijing Design Week 2014

It's always been a bit of a mystery to me, a cultural foreigner myself, as to exactly what we think we're doing here, how we interact with the local community, and what role we play in the system. Beijing Design Week 2014 seemed like a great place to find out. >> Read more
评论, 2014.09.22 Mon, by

South of Beijing, West of Shanghai: Survey of Museums in China

The purpose of a whirlwind museum tour was to explore what China might do with roughly 5,000 new museums built in the past decade. This is a phenomenon marked by a dearth of reliable information.
>> Read more
Interviews, 2014.03.18 Tue, by

The Not for Profit Paradox – Chao Jiaxing

More and more organizations within China have begun to categorize themselves as non-profit organizations, to such an extent that even galleries have begun to style themselves as non-profit spaces. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.11.15 Fri, by

Shang Xiao: Shanxi

[Press Release] Shanxi Oct 19 – Dec 28, 2013 Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to announce its collaboration with and representation of Zhang Xiao. In his first exhibit with the gallery, Zhang opted to present Shanxi (2009), work rarely exhibited in China, taken using a cheap Hong Kong-made, plastic Holga camera. In Zhang’s view, the […] >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.03.14 Thu, by

The Afterlife of Images: Yan Lei and Zhou Tiehai

Perhaps the most misunderstood work at dOCUMENTA (13) was Yan Lei’s “Limited Art Project,” the reaction founded on preconceptions and prejudices about Chinese art – particularly painting – lazily assuming it merely riffs on Western clichés, that it is derivative and repetitive. >> Read more
Think, 2013.02.07 Thu, by

Refined, All Too Refined: A Trend of 2012

As we might have imagined, the Chinese art scene of 2012 was full of glitz and clamor. This was demonstrated most aggressively through the curation in the first large-scale solo show of the year... >> Read more

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