EX: 1/30/2012
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2013.07.03 Wed, by


James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by three Chinese artists: Huang Yuanqing, Ouyang Chun and Shi Zhiying. >> Read more
2013.04.16 Tue, by

Theatre for Climate Control – SHI Qing Solo Exhibition

The concept of “Climate Theatre” originated from a crazy plan about weather forecasting envisaged by Lewis Fry Richardson, a British scientist during the First World War. Shielded inside a theatre-like structure, global weather could be instantly computed and analysed from the data of more than sixty thousand people.... >> Read more
2013.01.09 Wed, by

Duchamp’Inframince in Painting ——First Zhuangzi International Conference Parallel Exhibition

Idea of Exhibition “Infra-mince” is a mysterious concept that Marcel Duchamp proposed, with which he attempted to open up a subtle passage between the self and others. In a cross-cultural context that incorporates both East and Wes, and through a pursuit of the creative transformation of the Chinese traditional prosaic aesthetic, especially a new reactivation […] >> Read more
Art World, 2012.11.14 Wed, by

Reconstructing Public Resources

Gu Ling interviews chief curator Qiu Zhijie about the 2012 Shanghai Biennale's initial hardships, its novel aspects, and its position in the broader art world. >> Read more
Art World, 2012.11.14 Wed, by

Fieldnotes from the “Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment”

Rachel Simkover voices her frustrations with the 2012 Shanghai Biennale's academic arm, the "Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment." >> Read more
Art World, 2012.11.05 Mon, by

From the (Ridiculously) Sublime to the (Sublimely) Ridiculous

Paul Gladston and Ge Si Di in conversation about the Shanghai Biennale, Geng Jianyi at Minsheng Museum, and Jacques Derrida's "Glas". >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.10.31 Wed, by

The Making of the 9th Shanghai Biennale

Xue Tan interviews 2012 Shanghai Biennale Co-Curator Jens Hoffmann about the challenges of curating by committee, and how the curatorial team managed to design a show for a venue under construction. >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.10.23 Tue, by

The Recessive Umbilical Cord: 2436A Exhibition

Group exhibition with Fang Qi, Gao Jie, Gao Yan, Li Qingbin, Lin Yuyan, Ma Chong, Wang Ge, Wang Chengliang. >> Read more

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