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2015.03.24 Tue, by

Xu Zhen Solo Exhibition Press Conference | Long Museum West Bund

On the occasion of the first anniversary of its inauguration, the Long Museum West Bund will host the grand opening of Xu Zhen Solo Exhibition on March 28, 2015. >> Read more
2015.02.25 Wed, by

“TWENTY” – A Solo Exhibition of New Paintings by Xu Zhen

(中文) 由沒頂公司聯合策劃人鄭志剛先生、周大為先生共同推出,由趙令勇先生組織的“20 歲” 徐震繪 畫新作展 >> Read more
2014.10.14 Tue, by

ShanghART Gallery (SH) – Nov. 2014 - Xu Zhen: Blissful As Gods

“My work is to find a new angle of understanding these cultures. It happens when you have enough confident to look at these ready-made works as one of the human beings. >> Read more
2014.09.12 Fri, by

Xu Zhen: From Inside His Skin. In Dialogue with Chris Moore & David Elliott

MOMENTUM presents an education program that includes the presentation of the of Xu Zhen: The Catalog and a Dialogue with Chris Moore And David Elliott. >> Read more
2014.08.24 Sun, by

Extended Play by Xu Zhe

In September, am art space presents the new exhibiton from artist Xu Zhe. During the time am art space will display a series of interesting small sculptures and latest video works. >> Read more
2014.07.05 Sat, by


It doesn't come as a surprise that Xu Zhen is regularly referred to as a trickster, an art chameleon and as a prankster. >> Read more
2014.03.05 Wed, by

Xu Zhen, The Catcher of Consciousness

When you next stop in your tracks before the effect of a flash bulb coming off a world-famous painting (reproduction),It’s in these moments that is seems entirely possible that Xu Zhen has had these “aha moments” set in his sights all along.
>> Read more
2014.01.19 Sun, by

Xu Zhen: A Madeln Company Production

UCCA is proud to announce a major mid-career survey of mercurial Chinese artist Xu Zhen (b. 1977, Shanghai), one of the most interesting and promising artists working in China today. >> Read more
2013.05.06 Mon, by

Glance: Movement Field by Xu Zhen / MadeIn Company

As soon as one enters the gallery, one is confronted by a “garden” composed of an undulating artificial wilderness where footpaths made of white stones wend their way through grassy knolls. Small clusters of vegetation dot the landscape. >> Read more
2013.01.10 Thu, by

Xu Zhe

Born 1976 Shanghai, member of Zuzhi >> Read more

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