EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.01.19 Tue, by

“The Third Abstraction” & “Zhu Qingsheng”

Professor Zhu Qingsheng, of the history department at Peking University, has divided the development of abstract art into three stages..."The Third Abstraction” returns to the essence of human nature, that chemical reaction as the body comes into contact with matter, and the spiritual nurturing from within... >> Read more
2014.11.05 Wed, by

Primary Landscape-AroundSpace

Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower fields and Ma Yuan’s water series are the primary landscapes that the artists observed from the outside world and drew from their inner self. >> Read more
2014.11.04 Tue, by

Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy Works-Beijing Commune

Beijing Commune is pleased to announce the opening of artist Song Ta’s first solo exhibition “Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy” at the gallery on September 30th, 2014. The exhibition will continue until November 15th, 2014. >> Read more
2013.12.22 Sun, by

Bye, Mr. Dong Qichang—Qi Lan Solo Exhibition

Qi Lan was born in Anyue County, Sichuan Province in 1973. In 1996, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the major of Chinese Traditional Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts at Southwest Normal University. In 2001, he graduated from the Department of Chinese Traditional Painting at Nanjing Arts Institute, with a Master of Arts Degree. In 2007, he began to study with Professor Wang Mengqi as a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Arts. Currently he is living and working in Shanghai as an editor of Art China. >> Read more
2013.12.20 Fri, by

“28 Chinese”: Introducing the Young Generation

The international art crowd convened in Miami again for the 2013 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, the goliath art fair along with a myriad of satellite fairs and events. For any fair-goers who might feel interested or even just curious about Chinese contemporary art, “28 Chinese” at the Rubell Family Collection is a must-see... >> Read more
2013.06.04 Tue, by

Garden: A Group Exhibition of 10 Artists

In today’s China, artists keep up with this pursuit. No matter what media or forms they choose, they hope to preserve the traditional aesthetics in their artwork. >> Read more
2013.05.05 Sun, by

On the Horizon: New Works from Li Wei

Art+ Shanghai Gallery proudly announces On the Horizon, a solo exhibition from Li Wei examining her artistic practice and engagement in the cultural foundations of traditional Chinese painting. >> Read more
2013.04.22 Mon, by

Sanyu – A Pioneering Avant-Garde in Chinese Modernist Art

The Tina Keng Gallery (Taipei) is pleased to present Sanyu’s (1901-1966) solo exhibition, Sanyu – A Pioneering Avant-Garde in Chinese Modernist Art, on view from April 13 to May 12, 2012 (opening reception: Saturday, April 13, 4:30-7:00pm). >> Read more
Think, 2021.05.11 Tue, by

A PhiloPhotoPoetics of Emptiness, Its “Shadow-Tracing” (摄影): A Roundtable Conversation with Gabriela Morawetz & Kyoo Lee

Vanishing Deconstructions See+ Gallery, Beijing, China December 05, 2015–January 30, 2016 Organizer: Hua’er, Director of See+ Gallery Moderator: Antonie Angerer Translator (Chinese): Zwei Fan Date: December 04, 2015 Q (aka Kyoo Lee, hereafter Q): Thanks, everybody, for being here. Special thanks to Hua’er for organizing this event, Antonie and Zwei for moderating and translating, and […] >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2021.03.23 Tue, by

True Paradise
Dao Chau Hai’s ‘THINH’
at Manzi Art Space, Hanoi

Dao Chau Hai – a solitary wanderer in the endless exile of the mind, searching for a paradise that does not exist. >> Read more

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