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2016.06.14 Tue, by

“Over the Wall: Paintings Tempted by Installation”

The combination of non-traditional materials and hand-painted images here should not be seen as artists making efforts towards new visual effects. >> Read more
2016.04.29 Fri, by

Sean Scully: Resistance and Persistence

(中文) 如题所示,肖恩继续与过往的创作经验抗争,并坚持个人对艺术产生的新感悟。 >> Read more
2016.04.22 Fri, by

Resurrection of Materiality

In art history, the role of material has been repeatedly questioned, denied, deprived of any function, overly emphasized and completely ignored. >> Read more
2015.12.31 Thu, by

Being 3 Gallery

Being 3 Gallery was established in November2006, at 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China. Worldwide and locally, it dedicates for the dissemination and exhibition of contemporary art. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.12.18 Fri, by

Zheng Chongbin—Myth, Matter, Medium

In essence, Zheng Chongbin has fought an unwinnable but fertile battle to deconstruct and meld traditions.
>> Read more
Interviews, 2015.11.09 Mon, by

Hello & Good-bye: Yeh Jen-kun Solo Exhibition

Asia Art Center is pleased to announce the opening of “Hello & Good-bye: Yeh Jen-kun Solo Exhibition” at 3pm on 14th November at Asia Art Center Taipei I. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.10.30 Fri, by

A+ Contemporary CHEN YUFAN solo exhibition

A+ Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of “CHEN YUFAN” solo exhibition at 3pm on 31st October at Asia Art Center Taipei II. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.09.29 Tue, by

Fall shows in Beijing

Beijing shows to take in this season. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.08.25 Tue, by

‘Neo-Perception’: China’s New Generation of Women Artists—Pearl Lam Galleries

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to presentNeo-Perception, a group exhibition thatgathers the works of 24 young female Chinese contemporary artists. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.06.09 Tue, by


Bjarne Melgaard is an internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor and installation artist. Throughout his career he has created an aesthetically striking, powerfully personal universe. >> Read more

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