EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.09.19 Fri, by


无论是作为一个展览还是一次研究,“惯例下的狂欢”从观念的提出,到问题的探讨范围,都不像是给艺术界以外的观众所准备,而更像是策展人、学人、艺术家与机构管理者之间的内部理论学习与交流——这本身就是“惯例”的最好体现。 >> Read more
2014.09.17 Wed, by

SHContemporary: Requiem for an Art Fair

It seemed a minor miracle that SHContemporary re-launched last week after weeks, if not months, of rumors up to a nail-biting finish. >> Read more
2014.04.17 Thu, by


Market Forces is an annual event that is part of Osage’s non-profit initiative. >> Read more
2014.04.16 Wed, by

Vladimir Nikolić: As you are aware

In April 2014, Open Studio in Times Museum is pleasant to present Vladimir Nikoliæ, proposed by Maja Ćirić as the first artist in the Gift Exchange network. >> Read more
2014.03.15 Sat, by

Book Launch: Alternatives to Ritual – Exhibition as a Medium in China

The Department for Culture and Education (DCAE) of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai is delighted to announce the launch of the Alternatives to Ritual publications in Chinese and English/German >> Read more
2013.10.31 Thu, by

Provocative HK Artist Kwan Sheung Chi Takes Home Hugo Boss Asia Art Award

Surprising even the most hardened skeptics, the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award exhibition in Shanghai presented a number of challenging and edgy works with the Hong Kong artist Kwan Sheung Chi taking home the generous sum of 300,000 RMB and the accolades... >> Read more
2013.09.25 Wed, by

Tino Sehgal

The Berlin-based artist’s largest presentation in Asia to date questions fundamental assumptions about material value, social convention, and the aesthetics of daily life >> Read more
2013.07.02 Tue, by

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Us and Institution, Us as Institution

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back — Us and Institution, Us as Institution takes the artist-institution relationship as a point of departure and explores artists’ commitment to questioning given values within the art system and a larger social context. >> Read more
2013.03.04 Mon, by

History Lessons: Reflections on OCAT Publishing / Alternatives to Ritual: A Case Study of Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is proud to present two exhibitions that were opened simultaneously on January 26 and are running until March 26, 2013. >> Read more
2013.01.18 Fri, by

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