EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.04.09 Wed, by

Press Preview for “GIACOMETTI WITHOUT END” at Gagosian Gallery

[Press Release] Please join us at the exclusive press preview of “Giacometti Without End” at Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong. Véronique Wiesinger, curator of the exhibition and Chief Heritage Curator of the French Ministry of Culture, will be present to meet with the media and provide a guided tour, along with Stefan Ratibor, Director, Gagosian Gallery […] >> Read more
2014.02.26 Wed, by

Art14 London preview: Chinese Galleries

A total of eleven China and Hong Kong-based galleries will attend Art 14—the same number as for Art 13, though certain names have come and gone.
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2014.01.10 Fri, by

We Are—and Will Be—Asia: Preview of ArtStage Singapore 2014

With the slogan “We Are Asia,” Art Stage Singapore returns next week for its fourth annual edition. Randian previews this year's fair, with comments from founding Director Lorenzo Rudolf. >> Read more
2013.09.24 Tue, by

Beijing: Design Capital? A Preview of Beijing Design Week 2013

Thus does BJDW 2013 aim to oil the wheels of design here this month. Hopefully this, and each subsequent edition, will help instill — not just inspire — awareness and productive competition in this milieu. It’s a space we continue to watch. >> Read more
2013.07.10 Wed, by

Summer Reading: Year of the Plague at Para/Site Hong Kong

Browsing through the exhibition “A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, Ghosts, Rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong Story” provides a deja vu of flipping through somebody’s diary - where narratives are punctuated by remnants of past events including cinema tickets and candy wrappers. >> Read more
2013.06.03 Mon, by

Duo Review from Singapore

Gillman Barracks, an old army base, has, over the past two years, emerged as Singapore’s new art district. With shopping being the national sport of this island-state, it is no easy matter for an art district to achieve the fame of shopping districts. Say the name of Gillman Barracks to a taxi driver, and nine times out of ten... >> Read more
2013.05.21 Tue, by

Preview: Encounters at Art Basel Hong Kong

An introductory word on Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, with a run-down of select booths to look out for at the fair.
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2012.07.12 Thu, by

Review: Hou Yong

Its profile may be lower than other galleries in 798, but Space Station should by now have a reputation for strong and inventively installed exhibitions by emerging artists. The latest of these was Hou Yong, a painter born in 1976 in Beijing, whose solo outings to date have been aqueous in theme. A long-running series called Black from circa 2006–2008 shows figures swimming in glossy, dark water. >> Read more
2012.04.20 Fri, by

“The Other Wave” Review

Artist Gordon Cheung writes about a recent group exhibition at Ben Brown gallery in London with photo and video artists Chen Wei, Cheng Ran, Jiang Pengyi, and Ye Linghan. >> Read more
2011.05.05 Thu, by

Review of Liu Wei’s “Trilogy” — Part II

Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai. March 20 to May 3, 2011 Liu Wei’s ‘Trilogy’ at Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai Part II — Read Part I of this review here  The Gothic flying buttresses seem to have developed, at least partly, out of two series of work: Liu Wei’s composition of recycled windows and doors, “The Outcast,” (2007; also previously shown […] >> Read more

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