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(English) Naturescapes – a global perspective

  • Annalù, All Ombre dei Pensieri, 2014, wood, paper, acrylic resin and acrylic colours, 110x30x8cm
Annalù transforms mythology in living matter; the living matter in images, and the images in visions. Alchemy transposed to the present day and elevated to art.

    Annalu, 2014, All Ombre dei Pensieri, mixed media

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  • Mao Lizi, No. 17, 2014, oil on canvas, 97 x 195 cm
About his “Ambiguous Flowers “, Mao Lizi affirms: “Nothing should be overdone, neither should be too concrete. The more uncertainties the interpretation of language includes, the more space can be left to audiences“.

    Mao Lizi, 2014, No.17 Oil on canvas, 97x195cm

  • Marc Quinn, Under the Volcano, 2011, oil on canvas, 278,5 x 504,5 cm
“The overwhelming sensuality of the natural world, whose life force is one of pure desire, the orchids meditate on the human obsession of ideal beauty, achieved through the manipulation, modification and control of nature.”	(Marc Quinn)

    Marc Quinn, Under the Volcano, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 278.5x504.5cm