EX: 1/30/2012
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The Challenging Souls: Yves Klein, Lee Ufan, Ding Yi
Power Station of Art

In April 2019, the Power Station of Art presents ‘The Challenging Souls’, >> Read more
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2016.06.02 Thu, by

Press Conference for the 11th Shanghai Biennale

(中文) 本届双年展的主题“何不再问?”既提出了一个问题,又发出了一个号召。在此,答案不是最终结果。本届双年展希望激发一片问题的森林和风暴般强烈的渴望。我们迎接未知,而不是畏惧它。 >> Read more
2015.07.27 Mon, by

Copyleft: China Appropriation Art (Power Station of Art)

In contemporary society, the phenomenon of Shanzhai – “copycat” – pervades every sphere, and plagiarism never ends. >> Read more
2015.04.09 Thu, by

Michael Chow: Voice for my Father – Power Station of Art

(中文) 时逢著名京剧表演艺术家、老生麒派创始人周信芳诞辰120周年 >> Read more
2014.10.27 Mon, by

The 1st PSA Emerging Curators Program

The 1st PSA Emerging Curators Program >> Read more
2014.07.11 Fri, by

Shanghai’s Power Station of Art Announces Winners of the “Emerging Curators Program”

The PSA's academic committee commenced their final assessment for PSA’s Emerging Curators Program. 21 proposals made it into the final round of deliberation, and committee members voted for the top three proposals. >> Read more
2014.04.30 Wed, by

CCAA Awards at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art

The Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA) opened its 15th anniversary exhibition on April 26 at Shanghai's Power Station of Art. The exhibition included a range of artists who have won awards; each artist had one or two pieces—with the notable exception of Ai Weiwei... >> Read more
2014.02.26 Wed, by

PSA’s “Emerging Curators Program” a Much Needed Effort

PSA’s “Emerging Curator’s Program” is a much-needed effort. The three winners will receive RMB 330,000 to complete their projects, along with support and guidance from the museum staff.
>> Read more
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(中文) 2014年1月2日至4日,上海当代艺术博物馆将上演“朱鹮计划”,来自中国、日本、印尼、泰国等国家的非遗表演项目,将在当代馆小剧场内进行当代与传统、不同地域文化之间的交流对话。 >> Read more

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