EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.06.01 Fri, by

‘Refresh, Sacrifice, New Hygiene, Infection, Clean, Robot, Air, Housekeeping, jackercleaning.com, Cigarette, Dyson, Modern People III’
TKG+, Taipei

TKG+ is delighted to present the first solo exhibition with Chou Yu-Cheng from May 12 to July 8, 2018. Chou Yu-Cheng: Refresh, Sacrifice, New Hygiene, Infection, Clean, Robot, Air, Housekeeping, jackercleaning.com, Cigarette, Dyson, Modern People III is the third phase of Chou Yu-Cheng’s ongoing project. >> Read more
2017.11.16 Thu, by

Why Pan Yuliang?

Were it not for the list of artists and the brief introduction, “Pan Yuliang: A Journey to Silence” probably would have misled most into thinking it was a modern art show in a contemporary art institution. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.02.09 Thu, by

Hu Jieming and the Library of Babel

People crowd the raft of empty Coke cans and Pepsi bottles. Tourists, clubbers, musicians, students, sun bathers. Protestors are matched with actors, mendicants with diners, a photographer and his model with a mugger and his victim. The flag is red, the sky is grey, but unlike Delacroix’s "original", there is no ship on the horizon, blind or otherwise. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.07.07 Thu, by

New Arrival

The recent arrival of Australian gallery Sullivan + Strumpf is encouraging. >> Read more
Think, 2015.06.04 Thu, by

AAC:National Fine Arts Exhibition of Contemporary Art

The Award for Art in China (AAC) is the most lavish award in the world of contemporary art in China. Much can be read from the selection for these prizes every year year. >> Read more
Think, 2014.10.22 Wed, by

Another Chinese Dream: Beijing Design Week 2014

It's always been a bit of a mystery to me, a cultural foreigner myself, as to exactly what we think we're doing here, how we interact with the local community, and what role we play in the system. Beijing Design Week 2014 seemed like a great place to find out. >> Read more
Think, 2014.04.17 Thu, by

Hotel Eclat—An Art Hotel in Beijing

Initially, the hotel's eclectic sense of curation and placement are overwhelming, but nonetheless the effort to make art a crucial part of the design is a welcome one. >> Read more
Think, 2013.10.09 Wed, by

Jake & Dinos Chapman 2 – The Restaurant at the End of Modernity

Hitler’s bodyguard died recently. Rochus Misch was 96. He said Hitler was “a very normal man" and "He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman." What a relief for Jews, Russians, gays, gypsies, and social democrats, to name a few. >> Read more
Think, 2013.05.13 Mon, by

He’s not not not Chen Zhou

Putting words to pictures is always a risky business. “I’m not not not Chen Zhou” is an exhibition in point, though it feels more appropriate to call it something else. Simply writing the title down by hand begins to introduce what one might call the “symptoms” that hatched this video piece. What does a triple negative make? >> Read more
Think, 2013.02.06 Wed, by

Not Far Off

Slightly off the beaten track, just behind the glare of Gillman Barracks’ neon sign, is a compact space newly occupied by local gallery FOST. Inside one finds the first solo exhibition by Chun Kai Feng (b.1982). >> Read more

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