EX: 1/30/2012
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Interviews, 2018.06.07 Thu, by

A Cubist Portrait of Shi Yong: Artist, Art Worker and Art Collector

(中文) 作为一名多媒体艺术家,施勇(1963年生于上海)的创作涉及行为艺术、装置、影像和雕刻,其不拘一格,风格迥异的作品背后往往体现了其对文化、经济,以及艺术界的深刻剖析。 >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.09.26 Tue, by

‘Under the Rule’
ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai

ShanghART Gallery is honored to present Shi Yong’s new solo exhibition “Under the Rule” on the second floor of the Westbund space on 27th September. This exhibition continues the concept of the artist’s solo exhibition held in 2015. Shi Yong takes “the combined words of violence and modification” (such as dismantling, cutting, welding, shaping and […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.03.13 Sun, by

Shi Yong: A Brunch of Happy Fantasies | ShanghART S-Space

ShanghART gallery is pleased to present ShanghART S-Space opening exhibition- on 4th March. This exhibition will last until 8th May. >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.03.30 Thu, by


Have you ever imagined what it would like to be something other than human—a hawk gliding through the air or a monkey swinging from a tree? >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.03.29 Wed, by


In their project “Stone” Korean artists Shin Seung Back and Kim Yong Hun examine this persistent human interest in “self-improvement” through technological prostheses—applying this theory of “perception extension” to something as inert as a volcanic rock. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.05.17 Fri, by

Yang Yongliang
‘Eternal Landscape’
HdM Gallery, London

HdM GALLERY London presents Eternal Landscape a solo show by leading Chinese, multimedia artist Yang Yongliang. It will be his first major collaboration with HdM GALLERY and his first solo exhibition in London. >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.10.09 Tue, by

Yun Hyong-keun
Simon Lee Gallery, London

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present a survey of paintings and works on paper by Yun Hyong-keun. >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.04.16 Mon, by

Adeela Sulema, Arslan Farooqi, Georgina Cue, Heo Subin, Kai Wasikowski and Yang Yongliang, curated by Dr. Mikala Tai
sullivan + strumpf, Singapore

Trompe-l’œil brings together six artists from four countries working across trajectories that are both personal and universal, >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.12.06 Wed, by

Huang Yongping · Shen Yuan
Hong Kong Foot
Tang Contemporary

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce a new exhibition for Huang Yongping and Shen Yuan, entitled "Hong Kong Foot," >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.05.03 Wed, by

Kukje Gallery

Kukje Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition of work by Park Chan-kyong titled 安寧FAREWELL, from 25 May to 2 July. >> Read more

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