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2015.09.21 Mon, by

[Press Release]

Contemporary Istanbul, the region’s premier international art fair, is delighted to announce its list of participants for its 10th year.

Contemporary Istanbul, the region’s premier international art fair, is delighted to announce the list of galleries and participants for its milestone 10th anniversary, including participating in the “CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran” and “CI Plugin New Media and Digital Arts” Sections of the fair. As in past years, CI will take place at the Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC) and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) from November 12th to 15th, 2015.

For its 10th edition, Contemporary Istanbul will bring 102 leading and emerging galleries from 28 cities across 24 countries, including 23 galleries that are participating for the first time. Participating galleries were selected by CI Artistic Advisor Marc-Olivier Wahler and the Selection Committee members – Freda Rozenbaum-Uziyel, Kerimcan Güleryüz, Nathalie Mamane Cohen.

In its 9th consecutive year of supporting Contemporary Istanbul Akbank Sanat will act as its main sponsor.

The CI newcomers include Art Lexing (Miami); Australia China Art Foundation (Shanghai); Galerie Bernard Ceysson (Paris); Corridor Contemporary (Tel Aviv); Dar AL-Anda Art Gallery (Amman); Dastan’s Basement Tehran); Shirin Gallery (Tehran); Aaran Gallery (Tehran); Assar Gallery (Tehran); Lajevardi Foundation- New Media Society (Tehran); Dubner Moderne (Lausanne), l’étrangère (London; Frederic Got (Paris); Karavil Contemporary (London); König Galerie (Berlin), Lazarides Gallery (London); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); Galerie Loevenbruck (Paris); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris); PROPAGANDA (Warsaw); Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia); Vogelsang Gallery (Brussels); Nasui Collection & Gallery (Bucharest); Analix Forever (Geneva); Galeria Contrast (Barcelona); Daniel Marzona (Berlin).





Galleries from the greater region include, Savina Gallery (St. Petersburg); Project Artbeat (Tbilisi); Galerie Iragui (Moscow); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Dar AL-Anda Art Gallery (Amman); ALAN Istanbul; x-ist (Istanbul); Galeri Baraz (Istanbul); Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul); Versus Art Project (Istanbul); Soda (Istanbul); Sanatorium (Istanbul); Rampa İstanbul; Redart Gallery(Istanbul); Pi Artworks (Istanbul); Piramid Sanat (Istanbul); Pg Art Gallery (Istanbul); Mika Gallery (Istanbul); Galeri Nev (Istanbul); Mixer (Istanbul); Milk Gallery (Istanbul); MERKUR (Istanbul); Kare Art Gallery (Istanbul); Siyah-Beyaz (Istanbul); Galeri İlayda (Istanbul); Galeri 77 (Istanbul); Gama Gallery (Istanbul); Gaia Gallery (Istanbul); Daire Sanat (Istanbul); The Empire Project (Istanbul); Dirimart (Istanbul); CEP Gallery (Istanbul); C.A.M (Istanbul), Bozlu Art Project (Istanbul); Art350 (Istanbul); artSümer (Istanbul); art ON (Istanbul); Doğançay Museum (Istanbul); Galeri/Miz; Armaggan Art and Design (Istanbul); Bozlu Art Project (Istanbul); Krampf Gallery (Istanbul).

CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran— which each year showcases a cutting-edge selection of contemporary art from a specific geographic region or a relevant subject—will present outstanding galleries from Tehran with works by emerging and established artists such as Nasser Bakhshi (Aaran Gallery); Babak Roshaninejad (Assar Gallery); Ali Akbar Sadeghi (Shirin Gallery) and Houman Mortazavi (Dastan’s Basement).

“We are thrilled to have Tehran as this year’s focus for Contemporary Istanbul,” said Ali Güreli, Founder & Chairman of Contemporary Istanbul. “This city has an incredible history and a strong emerging contemporary art scene which we want to present to the world. It has always been the interest of CI and its collectors to discover new artists and promote exciting art scenes from around the world. That is why we are excited that Tehran will have a strong presence this year at the fair.”

Some notable galleries participating in CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran are Assar Gallery; Aaran Gallery; Dastan’s Basement; Lajevardi Foundation – New Media Society; and Shirin Gallery.




The list for the galleries at the general section for this year, comprises: AB Gallery (Seoul); Analix Forever (Geneva); Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (Milano); ALAN Istanbul (Istanbul); Aria Art Gallery (Florence); ARMAGGAN Art & Design (Istanbul); Art Lexing (Miami); art ON (Istanbul); artsumer (Istanbul); ART350 (Istanbul); Australia China Art Foundation (Shanghai); Galeri Baraz (Istanbul); Barbara Paci Galleria d’Arte (Pietrasanta); Berengo Studios (Venice); BERLINARTPROJECTS (Berlin); Galerie Bernard Ceysson (Paris); Bozlu Art Project (Istanbul); C.A.M Galeri (Istanbul); C24 Gallery (New York); Cep Gallery (Istanbul); Corridor Contemporary (Tel Aviv); Galeria Contrast (Barcelona); Daire Sanat (Istanbul); Daniel Marzona (Berlin); Dar Al-ANDA Art (Amman); Dirimart (Istanbul); Dubner Moderne (Lausanne); Edition Purrman (Grefrath); Emmanuel Fremin (New York); The Empire Project (Istanbul); l’étrangère (London); Faur Zsófi Galéria (Budapest); Frederic Got (Paris); Il Chiostro Arte Contemporanea (Saronno); Gaia Gallery (Istanbul); Gama Gallery (Istanbul); Galeri 77 (Istanbul); Galeri/Miz (Istanbul); Galerie Iragui (Moscow); Galeri İlayda (Istanbul); Kare Art Gallery (Istanbul); Karavil Contemporary (London); Galerie Koal (Berlin); König Galerie (Berlin); K+Y Gallery (Paris); Lazarides Gallery (London); Galerie Lelong (Paris); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); Galerie Loevenbruck (Paris); Mark Hachem Gallery (Paris); Marlborough Gallery (New York); MERKUR (Istanbul); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Milk Gallery (Istanbul); Mixer (Istanbul); Modus Art Gallery (Paris); Michael Schultz (Berlin); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Nasui Collection & Gallery (Bucharest); Galeri Nev (Istanbul); Project Artbeat (Tbilisi); PROPAGANDA (Warsaw); Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris); Galleria Russo (Rome); Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia); Soda(Istanbul); Sanatorium (Istanbul); Rampa (Istanbul); Redart (Istanbul); Pi Artworks (Istanbul); Piramid Sanat (Istanbul); Pg Art Gallery (Istanbul); Siyah-Beyaz (Ankara); Versus Art Project (Istanbul); x-ist (Istanbul); Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul); Galeria Senda (Barcelona); Savina Gallery (St. Petersburg); Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo (Barcelona); Villa del Arte (Barcelona); Vogelsang Contemporary (Brussels); Yavuz Gallery (Singapore) and WHITE ROOM | LIQUID art system (Capri), Krampf Gallery (Istanbul).

Plugin, Contemporary Istanbul’s section dedicated to new media is now in its 3rd edition.
This year galleries, architecture and design studios and new media related initiatives, such as maker spaces, game labs, digital art collectives and project spaces will be gathered in a single space under a curatorial theme proposed by Dr. Ebru Yetişkin: “X-CHANGE”.

Transcending beyond the binary distinctions of low-tech and high-tech, organic and inorganic, physical and digital, Plugin’s participants this year include: DAM Gallery (Berlin); Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong- Shanghai-Singapore); Lajevardi Foundation – New Media Society (Tehran); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); and Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul).





Building Bridges – Australia China Art Foundation at Contemporary Istanbul 2015

In a project coordinated by the Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) for the 10th anniversary of Contemporary Istanbul the fair will host Chinese artists and galleries in both private and public spaces.

ACAF will focus on Chinese artists for CI 2015, bringing a diverse and sometimes challenging group of art works and experiences to Istanbul. The collaboration will, in the future, extend to Australian artists and will also bring artists from Turkey and the Middle East to China and Australia.

The presentation at CI 2015 will include artists Shao Yinong and Mu Chen, Ling Jian (all presented by the Australia China Art Foundation), Aaajiao (presented by Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai), Tao Hui (presented by Aike Dellarco Gallery, Shanghai), Yang Xin and Zheng Jiang (both presented by Space Station gallery, Beijing). And, will include a group show, “Parade,” curated by art critic Aimee Lin—the metaphor of “parade” represents the national collective imagination of China’s modernity, politically and socially. Inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of the ‘carnivalesque’ style of literature, the aim of this project is to build up another kind of parade: the artistic parade of individual voices.

Visitor Information:

12-15 November 2015
Preview 11 November 2015