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Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF)

About ACAF

The Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) is dedicated to the promotion of Australian and Chinese contemporary art by facilitating cross-cultural exchange and relationship development between artists, collectors, institutions and art professionals in Australia and China.

We support artists and organisations to undertake collaborative projects that develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the rich culture of each country. We also support professional development opportunities for artists and others employed in the arts and culture sector.

Founded by Yashian Schauble in 2012, ACAF is an Australian-registered not-for-profit organization.

Fellowship Program

The ACAF Fellowship Program places Australian artists in studios across China, including the rural artistic communities of Xucun (Shanxi Province) and Chengdu (Sichuan Province) and the cosmopolitan art centres of Beijing and Shanghai. Based in one of these studios and for a period of two months, Fellows work alongside ACAF’s Chinese Fellows to –

  • engage in cross-cultural artistic exchange
  • produce new works for exhibition in China and Australia, and
  • develop regional networks and understanding.

The Fellowships include workshops, seminars and dinners with leading Chinese artists, curators and collectors. Where possible, Fellowships are timed to take advantage of major biennales and festivals in the local area, enabling greater artistic and commercial network development and immersion in local arts and culture. At the end of each year, ACAF presents an exhibition of the works produced by Fellows.

Professional Development Program

In partnership with major institutions, ACAF organises professional development programs in Australia and China for those working in the arts and culture sector, including government employees. These programs are responsive to the needs of the clients and seek to develop the capacity of participants to develop their organisations and implement local and international arts projects and programs.

Art Tour Program


ACAF runs contemporary art tours in the major cities of Shanghai and Beijing. The tours are specifically designed for the art enthusiast, offering a very special five-star experience with exclusive access to studios and collections not normally available to the average traveller. The itinerary of each tour includes visits to artists’ studios, museums and galleries in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as trips to artist communes in adjoining rural areas. The tours provide plenty of opportunity for recreational shopping, sampling local cuisine and enjoying some of the very best international dining experiences in Shanghai and Beijing.

Tours are scheduled throughout the year and advertised on the ACAF website. Upon request, group tours can be organised outside the scheduled times and tailored to the needs of the group.


ACAF organises contemporary art tours in Australia’s major cities for Chinese and other visitors interested to know more about Australian contemporary art. These tours are organised upon request.

Exhibition, Acquisition and Advisory Support

ACAF believes that one of the first steps in supporting an artist’s endeavors is to collect their work. It is not the only element but an important one, along with critical and curatorial support.

Informed and sympathetic collectors help to develop artistic talent to reach its full potential. Accordingly ACAF supports collectors, galleries and other arts organisations and businesses in Australia and China to organize exhibitions, acquire art, build networks and otherwise develop the market for contemporary Australian and Chinese art.

In June ACAF will co-host an exhibition of young emerging and mid-career conceptual artists from Chengdu and Australia at the XLY Museum of Modern Art in Chengdu. This exhibition will coincide with the Fortune Global Forum, which will take place 6-8 June 2013 in Chengdu and will be part of the public visitor program.