EX: 1/30/2012
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Don Gallery 东画廊
2013.03.09 Sat - 2013.04.28 Sun
Opening Exhibition
03/09/2013 17:00
Unit 302, 2879 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai 上海市徐汇滨江龙腾大道2879号302室 Shanghai 200031 CHINA
(+86)21 6473 1533
Opening Hours
11:0-18:00, Tuesday to Satruday, 13:00-18:00, Sunday
周二至周六,10:00 – 18:00;周日,13:00-18:00
Xixing Cheng

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Chorus 3
[Press Release]

Chorus 3
Artists: Huzi, Wang Yanlyn, Xuan Qing

Hu Zi, Cold, 2009, Gouache on paper, 56×75cm 胡子,冷,2009,纸本水粉,56×75cm

March 9, 2013, Don Gallery will host Chorus III, one of the series Chorus that features young artists in China. Chorus III will be released with three female artists, Hu Zi, Wang Yanlyn and Xuan Qing.

Love is the line of paintings by Hu Zi from 2012. The artist focus on body, memory, existence and belief. The whole creation of Love was filtering the physical memory of the artist, paralleling the own experience of her, and will accompany her till the end of the days. In addition, she also pays attention to the survival state of people at the edge of the culture, concerns about the contradictory world, the complexity of human and mental pain. Hu Zi said, everyone’s heart has a point of pain. That is the wound of humanity. It is unable to tell and it is able to heal by itself. I want to paint it. Hu Zi graduated from the China Academy of Art, and is currently working and living in Shanghai.

Wang Yanlyn, Isomorphism – 100 Major Generals(No.11),2010. Inject Print on Photo Paper, edition of 3: 200×150cm, edition of 6:144×108cm 王雁伶,类质同像–一百位少将(十一),2010,艺术微喷

Wang Yanlyn’s One Hundred Major-Generals is the first piece of the isomorphous series, and it is an important experiment on the image studies. The artist used the old posters, the People’s Republic of China Major General (11) and the People’s Republic of China Major General (13) for the original material. She overlaid each one hundred portraits of the Major Generals in photoshop and two brand new Major Generals came out. Surprisingly, the two standard faces were as similar as twin brothers. The unexpected results led to the broader thinking by the artist. We may be able to see the artist explore more about standard face in the near future. Wang Yanlyn graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, currently working and living in Shanghai.

Xuan Qing is the artist of the installation painting Butterfly Specimen. Xuan Qing studied Rock Colour in Japan for five years from her master. This ancient painting material, Rock Colour, is a natural mineral pigments in color, of which hierarchy, transparency, texture effects and rendering excel. Xuan Qing applies the old material to today’s integrated material for many year. In addition to showing the unique beauty of new material, the audience may think upon an eternal theme, Instantand Eternal, after the show. Xuan Qing holds a master degree from Japanese Painting Department of the University of Tsukuba in Japan, currently living and working in Beijing.

Xuan Qing, Specimen 1, 2013, Rock color, Mixed media, 35×50cm 玄卿,标本1,2013, 岩彩,综合材料,35×50cm