EX: 1/30/2012
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1933 Contemporary
1933 当代艺术空间
2015.05.30 Sat - 2015.06.29 Mon
Opening Exhibition
05/30/2015 15:30
Unit 1-311, 1933 Shanghai, 611 Liyang Road, Shanghai, China.
The closest Metro is Hailun Lu.

上海市虹口区溧阳路611号1933老场坊1号楼(靠近海宁路,九龙宾馆旁) 最近的地铁站:海伦路,步行5-10分钟
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:30 – 18:30
周二至周日 10:30 – 18:30 周一休息

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I Am Your Labyrinth – 1933CONTEMPORARY
[Press Release]

Artists:Cai Zebin、Jia Chun、Gongxu、Liu Guoqiang、Miao Jing &Liu Chang、Ren Jie、 Su Xiangpan、 Wu Wei、Yi Lian、Zheng Tianming 、Zheng Wenxin

The labyrinth is a metaphor for being and becoming in the prospect of finding one’s self. It is an affirmation of becoming. We affirmed this by entering the labyrinth ourselves. The affirmation in the labyrinth guides us onto higher values. The creative process of the artist is the construction of the self’s deconstruction and rebuilding it in the chaos of the ultimate pursuit of truth.

In Greek mythology, King Mino of Crete’s daughter Ariadne falls in love with Theseus the king of Athens. She helps Theseus in overcoming the Minotaur and saving the would-be sacrificial victims by giving him a thread and magic knife. The thread guides the hero to find the right path in the labyrinth. After killing the Minotaur with the knife, Theseus follows the thread out of the labyrinth.

On the way back to Athens, Theseus leaves Ariadne alone on a remote island out of fear of Dionysos. Dionysus tells the despairing Ariadne, “you have my little ear, you have my ear…I am your labyrinth.” Dionysus is the labyrinth and the bull, becoming and being. The thread was a thread of the negative and of resentment. The true thread is a thread of affirmation. In the eternal circle, it leads us back to the same point, which exits in the past and future.

Through this exhibition, we intend to convey the transposition of power during the viewing and reflection of the artworks. The power of images and exhibition preoccupies the impression of the first-time viewer. The only deconstruction of this character of images and exhibitions is the creative world of the artist. We find hope when looking back to the origins of the exhibition. In the comprehensive system the exploration of turning inwards leads to the development of higher values.


Located in 1933 Shanghai, the most inspiring historical architecture of art deco style combined with an oriental feature of a square outside and a round inside structure, 1933 Contemporary is well situated with a distinct space that reflects the unique building structure and its spatial relationship as a former abattoir and derelict factory, recognizably the last remaining of its design in the world. With approximately 700 square meters in construction and an exhibition space of 400 square meters, the gallery is committed to representing and exhibiting fascinating visions produced by both emerging and established artists with an annual program that comprises at least six exhibitions, accompanied by catalogues and publications as well as a presence at various art fairs internationally.

Founded in 2011, the gallery was previously located in the M50 art complex of Shanghai, in which it worked as a platform for emerging talents, having launched and fostered the career of some of China’s most prominent young artists, while establishing itself as a gallery that maintains a vision on both institutional perspectives and the market.