EX: 1/30/2012
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SinArts Space
2016.01.14 Thu - 2016.02.18 Thu
Opening Exhibition
Korte Vijverberg 2 2513AB, Den Haag Netherlands
+31 6 14 304 105
Opening Hours
Thu - Sat 13.00-19.00
Alex Lebbink

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Chen Xi solo exhibition – Fabrics of Identity – SinArts Gallery
[Press Release]

Tomorrow, SinArts will open its doors for the very first exhibition in Brussels. We are very excited about the upcoming adventure, and hope to take you along for the ride, starting Thursday. We hope you can join us to celebrate this momentous occasion!

The space looks amazing, we’ve had time to start a little library, and Chen Xi is bringing 2 new works to personally install in the exhibition! What more could we want! See you tomorrow!


For its first exhibition in Brussels, SinArts is proud to introduce to the Benelux the works of artist Chen Xi (CN,1966). We proudly invite you to attend the opening of this exhibition on Thursday, January 14th from 18-21h.

A graduate of the prestigious Shanghai University Art Department and a student of more than 10 years at the Akademie der Bildende Kunst in Vienna, Chen’s work displays a rare balance between Chinese technique and sensibilities combined with European theory and insights. The minimal, almost abstract drawings echo a state of equilibrium of an artist positioned between two worlds.

SinArts Gallery has as its ambition to represent a fresh view on art from China. A society, often still surrounded by clichés and misgivings with an art history dominated by a singular discourse defined by a limited art story trapped in success from a recent past. SinArts will represent a group of artists based on their artistic merit and ability to speak a universal language, with their Chinese heritage as a common ground.


We will create a space to open this conversation and search for better understanding through a broad ranging program of talks, discussions and presentations around the arts.

The works presented in this exhibition stem from an ongoing series which Chen Xi has established over the past decade. Based on an ideal of mastering techniques which he was taught in his early Shanghai years, each of his works is hand drawn without a prior sketch. The abstraction he brings is a legacy of his long European art education.