EX: 1/30/2012
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Shanghai Art Museum
2012.12.23 Sun - 2012.12.30 Sun
Opening Exhibition
12/23/2012 12:00
325 Nanjing Xi Lu,near Xin Chang Lu Shanghai
021 6327 2829
Opening Hours
Daily 9am - 4pm

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Light And Shadow
[Press Release]

Artists: Chen Qiang, Jin Yangping, Liu Wentao, Sun Yao
Organizer: Other Gallery (Shanghai Space)

[Press Release]
Light and Shadow is a four-part exhibition featuring the work of four established contemporary painters all active in China today.

The phenomena of light contrasting with shadow is the most basic sustenance for any artist working with paint. The four painters here all respond to this central question in their own highly individual artistic languages in a journey across the artistic terrain between representation and cool abstraction. This takes us from Chen Qiang’s disciplined colour markings through the minimalist abstraction of Liu Wentao’s contoured canvases and sculptural objects. Jin Yangping’s collaged narratives then lead us ultimately to Sun Yao’s emotionally charged and semi-abstract cloud works. Along this journey through the possibilities of abstract expression each artist speaks with his own very distinctive voice and in his own unique language. Yet, each of them explores a strongly internalized and individual psychological realm of fantasy, exhilaration, precision and obsession.

Light and Shadow is the very last exhibition to be held by the Shanghai Art Museum in its iconic People’s Square location. Once Shanghai racecourse’s luxurious clubhouse, this landmark building has stood as a monument to many things, including Modernity, hope, decadence and even despair. In its most recent incarnation it has launched some of the most important and influential exhibitions of Contemporary art to be held in China.

Just as the old building of the Shanghai Art Museum stands redolent with echoes of its past and at the threshold of a new future, so this exhibition casts a glance over key developments in art in China over recent years and in so doing provides us with beacons of light to make out the artistic terrain of the future.