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L-Art Gallery
2014.07.12 Sat - 2014.09.01 Mon
Opening Exhibition
07/12/2014 16:00
Area C1, Tianfu Software Park, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu
+86 028-85246646
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:30 daily
Rain Lu 吕婧

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Meng Yangyang & Wu Ding
[Press Release]

Wish The World Treat You Softly – Meng Yangyang
The Reality of The Dimensionl I vs II – Wu Ding

The solo exhibition of Meng Yangyang : “Wish the world treat you softly” and Wu Ding : “The reality of the dimension I vs II ” will be opened at L- Art Gallery on 12th July. Meng Yangyang shows the paintings, which she created recently and tries to lead the audience’s psychology by the temperature of color, and Wu Ding has always insist on express his views about the world by his photographic and video works.

世界和其他地方 World and Other Places
布面油画 Oil on Canvas, 130cmx90cm, 2013

这个地方孤独而寂静 Lonely and Quiet Place
布面油画 Oil on Canvas, 120cmx90cm, 2013

The theme of artist Meng Yangyang comes from one of her paintings, which also on the exhibition “Wish the world treat you softly”. Her work usually starts with a question: “How does the world look like?” Next, “What is my relationship with this world and what has formed the current me?” These thoughts and questions bring challenges and confrontations. She tries to see the world I am facing from different angles in search of more questions. My work attempts to convey a sensitive weirdness, which implies the resistance to rules and the confrontation of oneself that has been assimilated by otherness. Although there is no way to get rid of the control of the world through our all-out attack, the Artist has to reveal the distance between that sort of value system and the standard that she wants to establish through the means of art. She also attempts to lead the audience’s mind by use of the temperature of colors. The colors which symbolize the simplicity and purity of man and the indifference conveyed by the picture make it even more absurd, and this is exactly the disturbing world we live in.

上帝的沉思 The God is Lost in Thought
影像 Video, 12分 12min, 2014

由无限可能性组成的锥形山体 The Cone-shaped Mountain Consist of the Infinte Possibilities
艺术微喷 Giclee Print, 100cmx100cm, 2013

The reality of the dimension I vs II skillfully using text, images, and videos as his principal creative media, The Reality of the Dimension is a long-term project Wu Ding has been working on. He aspires to explore the perceptible but indescribable “inner order” hidden in the world — perhaps the only fulcrum that can move the world. In a world made up of matter and phenomena, how does matter become entities that we perceive with our senses and yet exist as a part of phenomena? Does matter truly exist? What is our understanding of the nature of the phenomenal world? “The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water.” Wu Ding is trying to explore the inner order lurking underneath matter and phenomena — which is itself an indescribable beauty.