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FQ Projects (非青计划)
2014.06.17 Tue - 2014.08.01 Fri
Opening Exhibition
06/15/2014 17:00
No.76, Lane 927 Mid Huai Hai Road, Shanghai, China(淮海中路927弄淮海坊76号)
86 21 6466 2940
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday 10am-6pm

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Moments: Dai Mouyu Needle-Ink-Pen on Paper Solo Exhibition
[Press Release]

[Press Release]

June 17 2014 – August 1 2014
Opening: 5-7pm, June 15, 2014
House 76 Lane 927 Huai Hai Middle Road, Shanghai

FQ Projects is very proud to present Dai Mouyu’s latest needle-ink-pen on paper works solo exhibition — “Moments” on 15th June. This exhibition runs till 1st August.

Looking from afar each work appears to be a grey-tone figurative image: flowing grasses in the wind, a flock of gulls in the sky, the sky and sea, peaks of mountains. From closer inspection however, the viewer must be astonished by the artist’s painstaking efforts: tens of thousands of unbroken lines fill the whole paper, and the distance between each slender line is only few millimeters while the background is consisting of crossing vertical and horizontal lines. Standing in front of this great undertaking, shocked by the manner of painting the uncountable repeated but different lines, viewers would surrender under his ascetic painting way. Dai Mouyu withstands the ordeal from body and spirit to create a distinctive and visual experience for his audiences. As stated by the artist: “The stimulation of drawing to me is the excitement that comes from the strokes which contains anxiety and stress. The pure pleasure however lies in physical act of creation of the works.” All the paintings for this exhibition are the newest works finished this year. They build on the exquisiteness, sensitivity, calmness and size of his previous works, with a developed understanding towards the aesthetics appearance and atmosphere.

The famous Chinese saying “Zhi Er Shi Qi, Qu Er Shi Yu” has been used to describe the artist’s works, having a rich connotation and simplicity of appearance is very suited to his drawings. At first view, we can feel his strong emotions. In the drawing “A Lost Thought”, seemingly random lines have their own rhythm and order. These lines deliver a strong sense of grief that we cannot control in our own lives, like grasses blowing in the wind. When this emotional state passes, we can get the artist’s rational reflections of the creatures of the universe, including his philosophical and religious thinking.

As a Buddhist saying shows:
“See anything
Brought about by causes
As like a star,
An obstruction of the eye,
A lamp, an illusion,
The dew, the bubble,
A dream, or lightning,
Or else a cloud.”

Dai Mou Yu has a fine grasp of subtle emotion and oriental philosophy which gives his work a great space for exploration.

As opposed to the artists also working with ink medium and attempting to rid their works of traditional Taoism, Dai MouYu uses a contemporary writing tool, needle ink pen to express a traditional yet out of this world temperament. This traditional and modern encounter express the avant garde and creative nature of his works. Art critic Gu Zheng wrote: “The process of finding the view that matched with his mind is the greatest pleasure to him”. Dai’s paintings are always initiated by his momentary ideas. He speculates and seeks day after day to catch the moment that the inspiration flashed upon his mind. Our exhibition is named “Moments”, however it is not that simple to describe his works.

Dai Mouyu was born in Guandong province, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, he works and lives in Shanghai since 2004. His works have been exhibited in Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art and many other countries ie. France, Germany and Tai Wan. FQ Projects exhibited his works in several ShContemporary Art Fair, Art14 London art fair and Art Busan. As well as six group exhibitions in FQ Projects. This show “Moments” is his second solo exhibition at FQ Projects.