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2015.07.22 Wed - 2015.08.15 Sat
Opening Exhibition
07/22/2015 15:00
Kunting Experimental Art Center, Doudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing 北京市房山区窦店镇琨廷实验艺术基地
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‘Shi Zhongying • Abandoning Desire & Symbiosis’
[Press Release]

The Inaugural Kunting Experimental Art Exhibition ‘Encountering a Blade of Grass’
‘Shi Zhongying • Abandoning Desire & Symbiosis’

Exhibition Dates: July 22 – August 15, 2015
Exhibition Address:
Kunting Experimental Art Center, Doudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing


Red Gate Gallery is delighted to invite you to the Inaugural Kunting Experimental Art Exhibition • Encountering a Blade of Grass – Shi Zhongying • Abandoning Desire & Symbiosis, hosted by Kunting, Beijing Forestry Universiy and Red Gate Gallery. A series of classic artworks of Shi Zhongying presented in the exhibition. Also, Shi Zhongying brings two new artworks Abandonment and Symbiosis to this exhibition.

Abandoning Desire
In heaven and on earth, all living things live in harmony. There is no class distinction. Both Buddha and ‘Grass’ are equal.

The merciful Buddha is able to sacrifice the self to the tiger. The gracious Grass Buddha feeds the lamb. In reality grass exists to nourish the lamb. There is no need to deify Buddha here. This is in accord with the natural laws of ecology and Buddhist doctrine.

The lamb in various cultural contexts connotes different symbolic significance.

The two Chinese characters for ‘Desire’ and ‘Abandonment’ can be both verb and noun and in various applications can imply differences of meaning. Of course different audiences will have alternate responses and even may prompt controversy. Such controversy will only prove that this work challenges conventional modes of thought.

It is my hope that this artistic expression will arouse excitement in the conscience of different audiences and affirms a flexible and tolerant attitude in cultural diversity.

Symbiosis is a work from my ‘Self’ series. It is a fusion of botany and sculpture. It reminds us to humbly respect all living creatures on earth and in heaven.

Socrates invites us to view the self as a combination of divinity and rationality in the contemplation of the illusion of self and man’s essential being.

By covering the entire floor of the exhibition space in mirror and grass, the installation and its environment forms a perfect expression of the Yi Jing. ‘Grass’ exists in pride of place. In the process of stepping on the grass one steps on one’s self image. During the exhibition the viewers are invited to participate in a treasure hunt for a special blade of grass hidden in the crevices of the plantation. In the random quest for the prize, I would like to think the viewers are prompted to reflect upon the impermanence of fame and fortune and ponder the fact that all things, and all creatures share a common destiny.

Shi Zhongying in Beijing, July, 2015
Translated by George Michell