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Antenna Space(天线空间)
2014.09.13 Sat - 2014.10.20 Mon
Opening Exhibition
09/13/2014 16:00
202,Building 17,No.50 Moganshan Rd.Shanghai(上海市莫干山路50号17号楼202)
Opening Hours
AM 10:30——PM 18:30

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[Press Release]

Opening: 16:00—19:00, 13/9, 2014
Duration: 13/9—20/10, 2014

ANTENNA SPACE is delighted to present a solo exhibition of HUANG Yuxing, THE RIVER’S GOBBLED UP TREES AND HE’LL SWALLOW YOU NEXT, on 13th, September 2014. Rivers, trees, bubbles and meteorites are the elements found often in HUANG Yuxing’s paintings for the recent five years. Taking an overview of his creation, HUANG’s paintings are basically records of his consciousness, touching beyond the pleasure and excitement of perceptions and probing the source of human consciousness. That gains his work the form of reasoning. In the latest series RIVER, the painting, divided in two by a horizon-like straight line, is balanced and stable. While the trees far away are usually not in shapes, melting and floating like a world that is collapsing and disappearing. The running river is endowed with variety and permanence, in the whirlpool revealing psychedelic glows extends endlessly in the picture. Through the perceptions, the artist might be pondering, for he has been acting with preciseness, repetition, constancy, yet continuity like the flowing river. In the RIVER series, some “bubbles” emerge, which might due to the carbon dioxide released from the saprophytes in the bottom of the river, or the fish breath. They are presence of life existence, yet fragile indeed. In the beginning, the artist collages them together with the “rivers” as they are affiliated to them. As the creation develops, the “bubbles” are gradually getting independent for the theme is moving far away from the “rivers”. A delimiter is used in the Chinese title to match the separation of the actual exhibition content, consisting of two parts, the “rivers” and the “bubbles”. From the former to the later, is the alternation of life and matter.

“The river’s gobbled up trees and he’ll swallow you next” is a quotation from Valerie Bloom’s (b.1956,Jamaica)poem, which HUANG Yuxing copies on one of his paintings inconspicuously, and turning into a profound murmuring. “River” represents the coexistence of destruction and vitality. Different from the euphoria revealed from the previous series CHANGING HISTORY OF LIFE or LIGHT, this time, the emotion has been controlled. Huang transfers his strong but complicated feelings to classic knowledge – though facing with a world that is like “the river, flowing slowly or rapidly, but has no room to retreat” brings melancholy, he finds a prototype for his “rivers” in Hawking – “the moving and migrating of water molecules are unable to evident the irreversibility of time, they never change nor disappear”. While encountering “the membrane theory in theoretical physics”, he parallels the “bubbles” with the cosmos – “the membranes are like the rising bubbles in the water, the surface of them are the cosmetic space we are living”. Certainly, they are not physical knowledge and theories that people have never heard, neither are they the final destination of the artist’s creation. But it is interesting that this way of treating knowledge as the background could finally be projected onto HUANG Yuxing’s painting and get developed on this artist, who works basically with nature and intuition.

This exhibition is a display of HUANG Yuxing’s latest works, oil on canvas, and a group of special prints “River and e”. Huang found certain characteristics in the definition of irrational number e(2.7182818284……)“ that is parallel to “river”, and made this ten chromatic prints out of it. The artist painted “rivers” on ten films respectively with unique planned tones and numbered them. Then Huang leaves the production process to e – for each piece, how many colours are topped and how many copies will be made both depend on the figures to ten decimal places of e successively. Echoing the saying that “no man ever steps in the same river twice “, the non – repeating and non – terminating decimal number automatically produces different “rivers”. The exhibition “THE RIVER’S GOBBLED UP TREES AND HE’LL SWALLOW YOU NEXT” departs from artist’s consciousness and perception. At the end of it, we will find the artist is currently approaching the edge of painting and knowing.

HUANG Yuxing, born in 1975, graduated from the Department of Mural at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Selected solo exhibitions: THE RIVER’S GOBBLED UP TREES AND HE’LL SWALLOW YOU NEXT, ANTENNA SPACE, Shanghai, 2014; HUANG YUXING, Beijing Commune, Beijing, 2012; JARDIN DES RÉVOLUTIONNAIRES, Galerie Paul Frèches, Paris, 2012;  LIGHT – HUANG YUXING’S DRAWING EXHIBITION , (Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, 2010; ADVENTURE, Soka Art Center, Beijing 2003. Selected group exhibitions: PRESENT, SHANGHAI GALLERY OF ART, Shanghai, 2014; OPENING EXHIBITION OF ANNTENNA SPACE, ANNTENNA Space, Shanghai, 2013; LUST AND LOVE OF THE YOUNG AND LIBERATED, 798 SPACE, Beijing, 2012; 70S PRESENT CONTINUOUS, Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei, 2011; 15 days: cooperative painting, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, 2011; LEARNING METHOD: HANDS ON NO.4,V Arts Centre Space, Shanghai, 2011; DU – CROSSOVER, Around Space, Shanghai, 2010; NEW INTERFACE IV – HERE COMES SPRING, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, 2009; YOUTH CHINA, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai,2008; LOOKING FOR ME, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, 2008; PLOT TOGETHER- EXHIBITION OF CHINESE AVANT GUARD, Kuang Space, Shanghai, 2008;XING ARCHIVE-WITNESSING CHINESE ART IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, 2008; NEW INTERFACE 2, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, 2006; DIALOGUE, 100 YEARS? , Soka Art Center, Beijing, 2002; MIDSUMMER FRUITS: NINE YOUNG CHINESE ARTISTS, Soka Art Center, Beijing, 2002; TRACE OF SPIRITUALITY-HUANG YUXING & TAWAN VATTUYA, Tang Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002, and etc.