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FQ Projects (非青计划)
2015.01.26 Mon - 2015.03.06 Fri
Opening Exhibition
01/25/2015 17:00
No.76, Lane 927 Mid Huai Hai Road, Shanghai, China(淮海中路927弄淮海坊76号)
86 21 6466 2940
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday 10am-6pm

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The Dimensions of Ink: Xu Ke Ink Wash Painting Solo Exhibition – FQ Projects
[Press Release]

Exhibition duration: 26 Jan 2015 – 6 Mar 2015
Opening event: 25 Jan 2015, 5-7pm

To welcome the new year of 2015, FQ Projects is pleased to present our ink wash painting solo show exhibiting Xu Ke’s latest works.

Through the use of xuan paper, water, ink, and mineral pigments, Xu Ke keeps discovering symbols of his own visual language. Simultaneous contact between the xuan paper and those medium; process from ink bleeding to solidification; the control of the time, speed, and rhythm; are all key elements in the construction of the artist’s personal ink world context. His ink wash paintings reveal a strong Oriental emotion. Although the works emphasize the values and charm of traditional Chinese ink wash paintings, his works also combine elements of abstraction from Western art.

Born in 1958 in Shanghai, Xu Ke was raised with an edification of Shanghai unique regional culture, leading to an atmosphere within his ink wash painting being both individual and personal. Large sized works express a momentum on par with a western musical symphony – the expression of emotion from the works revealing a simultaneous intensity and complexity; a rhythm sometimes light and joyful, sometimes solemn and harmonic; the form is complete, the scale is large, the connotation is rich.

Xu Ke’s ink wash painting is not only an expression and experimental art among paper, ink, water and mineral pigment, but also an outpouring of the nature of the spirit which goes beyond the phenomenon of ink wash painting itself.

Xu Ke, works and lives in Shanghai. His works have been exhibited in Western Countries and collected by International Institutions. Since 2012, his works have been exhibited at FQ Projects, including joint exhibitions and three solo shows. Within the past two years, his works were exhibited at both Art Stage Singapore and the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.