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2015.08.19 Wed, by

Nobody Cares – Li Wei Solo Exhibition

Red Brick Art Museum is honored to present Li Wei’s new solo exhibition :" Nobody Cares " opening on the 22nd Aug 2015 at Red Brick Art Museum. The exhibition would be on for one month. >> Read more
2015.05.12 Tue, by

A Slacker’s Guide to Venice

Randian's resident Italian takes on the Venice Biennale opening week.
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2015.04.30 Thu, by

Chronus Art Center (CAC)- the German artist Wolfgang Staehle

Chronus Art Center (CAC) is pleased to present Fernsehturm, an exhibition by the German artist Wolfgang Staehle. >> Read more
2014.08.09 Sat, by

Cai Guo-Qiang’s “The Ninth Wave” Blasts Off in Shanghai

The opening pyrotechnics started out at 5 pm. From afar, thick green billows of smoke hung from the sky, drifting from PSA’s large smokestack. >> Read more
2013.06.25 Tue, by

China in Venice

Artists, critics, and enthusiasts from the mainland, the territories, and the diaspora alike – doubtless alongside countless numbers of Sinophiles – will find Venice a welcoming second home this summer and autumn.
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2013.04.01 Mon, by

Point at a Deer, Call it a Horse

"Point at a Deer Call it a Horse" is based on the Chinese idiom “Zhi Lu Wei Ma” — to confuse right and wrong, to distort reality through misrepresentation, to deceive. Historically, it dates back to Zhao Gao, a prime minister of the Qin Dynasty who, in 207 BCE, used dissent to test the court, gauging their loyalty... >> Read more
Think, 2010.12.15 Wed, by

Why Care about the Shanghai Biennale?

How a Shanghai institution helped legalize avant-garde art practice. >> Read more

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