EX: 1/30/2012
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Interviews, 2016.05.20 Fri, by

Interview with Dan Graham

When I first saw Dan Graham, he stood almost anonymously by the wall, white hair and beard, a checked-flannel shirt and old cardigan.
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Art World, 2015.12.27 Sun, by

“Jimei x Arles Photography Festival”: Recollections

"...We are watching it like a print in a tray of developer, still waiting for a clear image to materialize." >> Read more
Art World, 2015.06.10 Wed, by

Global Exchange Program for Art Specialists in China, USA and Europe

Wonderka Art Management, LLC, New York • Paris 依托北京艺海廊桥文化艺术中心、中国国际广播电台国际在线书画频道、国大公益等中国艺术传播机构,联合中、美、欧顶尖艺术机构和院校,在北京、上海、纽约、伦敦、巴黎等城市全面推出“中、美、欧艺术精英全球交流项目” >> Read more
Art World, 2015.04.26 Sun, by
Art World, 2015.04.21 Tue, by


Galerie Urs Meile is pleased to announce the opening of In Course of the Miraculous, the latest exhibition by Cheng Ran. >> Read more
Art World, 2014.11.26 Wed, by

Wu Chen Solo Exhibition:Matisse’s Skirt

Magician Space is very pleased to present a first solo exhibition of works by Wu Chen curated by acclaimed artist Xie Nanxing. >> Read more
Art World, 2014.11.05 Wed, by

Primary Landscape-AroundSpace

Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower fields and Ma Yuan’s water series are the primary landscapes that the artists observed from the outside world and drew from their inner self. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.08.08 Fri, by

“Wu wei er wei”—or an afternoon with Wang Keping

There has been much focus on the “Stars Group” of late, as well as similar art movements like “Wu Ming” (“No Name”). But one member of the defunct art movement living in Paris is not making many waves. In fact, he seems to be making no waves at all... >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.05.09 Fri, by

Berlin Gallery Weekend 2014

It's not really a weekend. Because of May Day, it's already 4 days anyway but people keep stretching it out and frankly now the "weekend" is at least 10 days. And there was such a lot to see. And there was such a lot I wish I hadn't seen too.
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Interviews, 2013.10.24 Thu, by

The Dream of Chen Haiyan

One sees so much conceptual art that when presented with the narration of dreams – as here – the impulse to interpret is struck by something that seems almost ordinary. Perhaps the aesthetic climate renders such direct work strange – we are more accustomed to installations by young artists of a single fluorescent bulb... >> Read more

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