EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.09.23 Sat, by

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2017

Microwave International Arts Festival has been bringing the latestfascinations in the fusion of technology and art to Hong Kong since 1996. >> Read more
2017.08.07 Mon, by

Ruth Asawa

David Zwirner is pleased to announce the gallery's first exhibition dedicated to the work of Ruth Asawa since having announced the representation of the artist's estate earlier this year, which will take place at the 537 West 20th Street location. >> Read more
2016.12.07 Wed, by

Art Nomads: Made in the Emirates

Art Nomads – Made in the Emirates: From Abu Dhabi comes an exhibition of art from the United Arab Emirates. A young art, new to figuration, it is unsullied by the overbearing preconceptions of western art history, in the most exciting stages of finding its own voice. >> Read more
2016.09.06 Tue, by

“Vertical Constructions”
David Zwirner
New York

David Zwirner is pleased to present Fred Sandback: Vertical Constructions, on view at 537 West 20th Street in New York. >> Read more
2016.08.18 Thu, by

SAM FRANCIS (1923–1994)
“Colour in Space”
Pearl Lam Galleries
Hong Kong

Hong Kong—Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present a solo exhibition of works by American painter Sam Francis (1923–1994). This exhibition is part of the Galleries’ series that sees the work of a distinguished Modern artist presented at its Pedder Building space in Hong Kong each September. With the gallery’s long-standing interest in presenting abstract […] >> Read more
2016.03.31 Thu, by


The strength of "Bentu" lies in the way it chooses to focus on a few strong, individual artworks.
>> Read more
2014.11.12 Wed, by

2nd Istanbul Design Biennial: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

The second Istanbul Design Biennial, The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, curated by Zoë Ryanand associate curator Meredith Carruthers, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), has opened to the public. >> Read more
2014.10.09 Thu, by

Projecting LA

The “Los Angeles Project” is not a thematic exhibition, and rightly so. What impressions do these shows deliver, individually and collectively, of the creative inclinations with which LA-based artists are working? >> Read more
2014.09.24 Wed, by

Before the Beginning and After the End

“Before the Beginning and After the End” at Long March Space exhibits a carefully picked selection of a dozen works by seven artists. Some of the works directly touch upon the concept of “time” while the others, viewed under the subject of “time”, invite new imagination and interpretation on the works. >> Read more
2014.01.07 Tue, by

No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia — A Re-Hash of Identity Politics

Broad beyond belief, in cultural terms, in comparison with the millennia-spanning survey “China: 5,000 Years” or the more standard national survey shows still favored by mid-sized institutions today, the exhibition's remit is both ambitious and impossible. >> Read more

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