EX: 1/30/2012
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Art World, 2013.04.27 Sat, by

A short history of Galerie EIGEN+ART

In the 1980s "Judy" Lybke worked as a curator in Leipzig, founding the first commercial gallery in communist East Germany and holding exhibitions in his flat. >> Read more
Art World, 2013.01.25 Fri, by

Hello It’s Me, Goodbye: Andy Warhol’s Cinema

Jointly-presented by The Osage Art Foundation and The Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. BNY Mellon is the Lead Sponsor for this Exhibition. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2012.12.07 Fri, by

Ashes to Ashes:
Ground Control to Major Zhang

Chris Moore surveys Zhang Huan's art since the artist returned to China, with particular focus on the Ash Paintings exhibited at White Cube in London this summer, along with his major installations.... >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.09.26 Wed, by

Interview with He An

Karen Smith: The first question relates to when we initially met. You were in the process of preparing a work for the Third Shenzhen Annual Sculpture Exhibition. It was of a form that was tied to the nature of the moment, especially in its content which reflected the zeitgeist. How did you conceive of the work? >> Read more

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