EX: 1/30/2012
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2020.02.24 Mon, by

Buddhist Youths: United Collective Indifference

If we really need to find it out, we may best say that as long as there is the individual, oppressed by reality and the difficulty in expressing their emotions, this passive way of resistance will inevitably reappear. >> Read more
2017.03.31 Fri, by

You won’t be young forever

The group exhibition “You won’t be young forever” curated by Biljana Ciric last November during the Shanghai Biennale did not yield any surprises. She has always insisted on institutional critique as her modus operandi, and now a new batch of artists who haven't yet entered the mainstream has appeared. >> Read more
2017.01.13 Fri, by

Times Heterotopia Trilogy III – The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away -Guangdong Times Museum

The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away borrows its title from an installation of the same name in Ilya Kabakov’s Ten Characters (1988). >> Read more
2016.12.19 Mon, by

5th Art Sanya

(中文) 2016年第五届三亚华宇青年奖颁奖典礼于12月17日晚间举行,终评委员会甄选高倩彤获得“评委会特别奖”,郝敬班予以“评委会大奖”。 >> Read more
2016.11.26 Sat, by

Art Sanya

(中文) 2016年第五届三亚艺术季“不隅之见”将于2016年12月16日在海南三亚 如期开幕。 >> Read more
2016.11.02 Wed, by

You won’t be young forever

We all share the dream of being forever young, >> Read more
2016.08.24 Wed, by

Beijing late Summer Hit-list: Past and Present

Deputy Editor Diane Wong chooses the best shows to see in Beijing now. >> Read more
2015.05.30 Sat, by

“Print and Release” 1933 Read / View Project Launch

[2015/05/30 – Shanghai] 1933 Contemporary is pleased to announce the first release of 1933 Read / View project on May 30. >> Read more