EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.03.15 Thu, by

“Detour” Attempts a Détournement of Exhibition Making

Why walk in areas adjacent to the museum? Why couple the acts of walking with exhibition viewing? Even if the practice of the institution is intimately connected to the local environment, this doesn't necessarily mean that bundling the acts of walking, discussion and exhibition viewing together is a comprehensive response to this issue. >> Read more
Think, 2018.06.29 Fri, by

Is Sound Critical?—”Grounds for Sound” Research and Practice

Over the past few years my research has focused on the development of sound art and experimental music practices in China since the early '90s. My approach to these practices has been strongly influenced by the idea that sound can be critical. >> Read more
Think, 2017.06.07 Wed, by

Pan Yuliang : un voyage vers le silence

The moment we embarked on the journey of inves­ti­gating Pan Yuliang and her life, we found the pre­scribed mis­sion of speaking for her impos­sible. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.05.03 Tue, by

The (New) Praise of Folly: Li Ming’s Work

Li Ming is a sophisticated type of contemporary flâneur. He takes possession of the space that is in turn defined by a human presence (i.e., by the bodily-physical presence of an aware human being), roaming in it and throughout it. He enjoys chasing spaces, but also words and concepts. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.01.04 Mon, by

Daniel Chen on New Directions at Kwai Fung Hin Gallery

A professional jazz pianist and New York-based independent curator, Daniel Chen has since August been the associate director of Hong Kong’s Kwai Fung Hin Gallery. >> Read more