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2016.04.20 Wed, by
Encounters with Pompidou

[press release]

Curated by Biljana Ciric
Artists: Les Gens d’ Uterapan, Li Ran, Chitti Kasemkitvatana

Exhibition within exhibition of Museum on/off Exhibition duration April 11th to June 13th 2016
Project in collaboration with Alicia Knock

Invitation to contribution to this exhibition underlines conditions of production within large scale institutions, opening up question how to be stay independent or whether it is possible to do so within art system today?

What kind of invitation is this and what kind of cracks can actually open?
Within this kind of engagement what kind of knowledge can be produced? What kind of situation could be produced? What is our input towards institution that we actually want? What kind of institution do we actually want? Can we think differently? Do we make any differences?
During exhibition period number of situations will be activated to open up relations with different institutional framework of Pompidou from collection to audience questioning expectations of display. These encounters will be visible or not during exhibition differing from artist to artist and project to project revealing achievements and failures, publicly sharing and discussing our attempts.

Les Gens d’Uterpan
Occurrences within exhibition will start with work Absence by Les Gens Des Uterpan which will introduce ongoing appearances within exhibition. During the month of May Caster will be presented which will lead to presentation of new work Anthropométrie. From end of May
for Anthropométrie within the exhibition space, one or several anonymous performers will anticipate and execute their travels and movements in response to the architectural characteristics and the scenography of the place.

Li Ran
Taking Jean Poderos’s museum guide ‘Centre Georges Pompidou Paris: avec une sélection de 150 chefs-d’œuvre’, as a point of departure this body of work could be defined as re-editing of the above mentioned guidebook that opens question of modern and modernism, its presence within institutional legacy.

Chitti Kasemkitvatana
Drift away and fall, 2016
Hand-held mobile unit activated by a mediator
Mobile unit consists of a photograph, a small object and text (to be read by mediator) On display from May 12th to June 13th 2016

Interested in mobility of the (art) piece and notion of transmission as a tool for presenting it, the piece will be in form of portable unit that can be fit in a pocket, consisting of a tiny object, photographs and script to be read by guard to visitor(s) in which (s)he encounter. The piece works as a mobile piece that drifts through exhibition rooms on the 4th floor. The piece comes to life only when the guard establishes conversation(s) with (any) visitors.