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12th Asia Contemporary Art Show
Opens March 23rd Hong Kong

[Press Release]

Special features include a focus on Chinese contemporary art and the return of Artist Dialogues

Returning to Hong Kong Art Week this spring is the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Now in its 12th edition, the Show opens on March 23rd and continues until the 26th at the Conrad Hong Kong. As the longest-running and most successful hotel art fair in Asia, the Show will welcome over 80 galleries from Asia and the world, and will include artworks from a host of countries including Lithuania, Lebanon, South Korea, Russia, Peru, China, Mexico and many others.

Beginning on Friday, March 23rd, arts patrons and select guests will be welcomed at the exclusive UnionPay Private View, followed by the invitation-only UnionPay VIP Collectors Preview. General admission opens on Saturday, March 24th with fun HK Liquor Store Art Night, and continues until Monday, March 26th.

“Unveil” by Will Yu, Ciriginal Art, Taiwan, Room 4317

“As the first art fair to kick-off Hong Kong Art Week in the ‘art triangle’ that includes Art Basel and Art Central, expectations are high.” remarked Show Director Mark Saunderson, “With contemporary art gaining in popularity among collectors and younger buyers, there is no better place to discover exciting new artists and unique artworks than at art fairs.”

Saunderson continues, “At the Asia Contemporary Art Show, we strive to reflect current trends in the contemporary art market, by presenting a diverse selection of artists from across the world, as well as artists whose works sometimes challenge the status quo. Take for example artists like Zoe Liu who through her art questions the effectiveness of Hong Kong’s parenting and educational traditions by ‘force-feeding’, Korean artist Chung Hae-Cho who pioneered a new way of making lacquer objects, or Allan Banford an abstract artist who gives observers a unique and original visual experience.”

A World of Art at the Asia Contemporary Art Show

Will Yu, Taiwan – Ciriginal Art, Room 4317
Will Yu (b 1977) is a Taiwanese artist whose works are collected by museums and private collectors. Evolving around the recurring themes of “Research of the Masculine” and “The Paradise Underneath the Horizontal Line”, his art seeks to portray the psychological state of men and women.

“Remembering Summer” by Zorikto Dorzhiev, Khankhalaev Gallery, Russia, Room 4225

Zorikto Dorzhiev, Russia – Khankhalaev Gallery, Room 4225
Zorikto Dorzhiev (b 1976) has emerged as one of Russia’s most acclaimed artists, whose work can be found in private collections in Russia, the USA, Germany and Australia. Nomadic Buryat life is the main subject of his work which, along with precise draughtsmanship and a gift for colour, displays subtle humour and a taste for caricature.

“Zodiac – Dog” by Li Xiang, Yuan Gallery, Hong Kong, Room 4020

Li Xiang, China – Yuan Gallery, Room 4020
Li Xiang (b 1979) a graduate of the School of Fine Arts Nanjing Normal University, specializes in painting works with complex interlaced designs and with flamboyant colors. She applies her techniques and skills to painting the Chinese horoscope and pets onto Chinese silk fans.

“Big Data #02″ by Yang Okkyung, Jade Flower Gallery, South Korea, Room 4204

Yang Okkyung, South Korea – Jade Flower Gallery, Room 4204
Yang Okkyung is a member of the Korean Fine Arts Association. Between 2004 and 2015, Yang received grants from Korean Culture Art Contest, Gusangjeon Fine Art Grand Contest and Korealovearts. Her works drawn with ink and markers on paper are widely collected in her native Korea and abroad.

“Equus” by Allan Banford, Macey & Sons, Hong Kong, Room 4026

Allan Banford, United Kingdom – Macey & Sons, Room 4026
Allan Banford (b 1985) is a contemporary fine artist who produces abstract paintings, installations as well as music and video productions. His works respond directly to the surrounding environment and everyday experiences. At first glance, his artworks may not express recognisable forms, as the results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is multi-layered.

“A Song’s Memory” by Hyun Kuk Cho, Room 4107

Hyun Kuk Cho, South Korea, Room 4107
Hyun Kuk Cho who lives on the west coast of Canada, began carving gemstones as a way of creating a timeless representation of nature. He depicts moments in the lives of wildlife and aims to reflect their essence by breathing life into precious natural stone.

“Sentiment 140630″ by Qiu Shengxian, Amanda Wei Gallery, Hong Kong, Room 4326

Qiu Shengxian, China – Amanda Wei Gallery, Room 4326
Qiu Shengxian (b 1955) is a well-known Chinese contemporary artist. The creator of “Mother and Son” and “Fuwa Integration” styles of painting, his expression integrates classical Chinese art with contemporary fashion art expressionism. The oriental classics with modern concepts are popular with collectors.

“Do We Have a Choice” by Zoe Liu, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong, Room 4220

Zoe Liu, Hong Kong – BLINK Gallery, Room 4220
Zoe Liu (b 1991) was born and raised in Hong Kong. The Buns Series looks at parenting and educational traditions in Hong Kong that value obedience, memorization and drilling over independence and analytical thinking. This ‘force-feeding’ is made evident in the drawings with the Pineapple buns in the children’s mouths, and through calligraphy of common Hong Kong idioms.

“Red, Green and Blue Light Law. 0824″ by Chung Hae-Cho, Xiu Zhu Ge Project, China, Room 4118

Chung Hae-Cho, South Korea – Xiu Zhu Ge Project, Room 4118
Chung Hae-Cho (b 1945) is a celebrated Korean lacquer master who has developed a method of building objects primarily from lacquer, using layers of raw lacquer paste and fabric applied onto a mould. Each layer is individually cured and sanded, the outer layers of coloured lacquer polished to a high lustre.

The Founder of the Asia Contemporary Art Show

The Founders and Directors of the Asia Contemporary Art Show are three art enthusiasts with more than 25 years’ experience in the region, Mark Saunderson, Douwe Cramer and Sarah Benecke. Viewed as pioneers in the art space, they consider the interest of artists, galleries and buyers are best served by providing vibrant fairs and online content which stimulate discovery, exploration, and conversations about art. The Asia Contemporary Art Show is Hong Kong’s only art fair that take place twice a year.

Asia Contemporary Art Buyer

The Founders of the Asia Contemporary Art Show also produce Asia’s leading art website, Asia Contemporary Art Buyer (http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com). The site features over 12,000 artworks from 1,600 artists. Asia Contemporary Art Buyer extends the value of the Asia Contemporary Art Show for both buyers and sellers of art, from an exciting four-day Show with face-to-face engagement with artists and galleries, to 365 days a year and 24/7 online for personal browsing and buying.


Lead Partner UnionPay International
UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business. In partnership with more than 1,700 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 162 countries and regions with issuance in 42 countries and regions. UnionPay International provides high quality, cost-effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base and ensures convenient local services to a growing number of global UnionPay cardholders and merchants.
Macey & Sons
As a long-standing pioneer in art brokerage and auctioneering, Macey & Sons advise clients on starting and expanding their art collection, enabling them to make steady returns on investments through art. With a rich and varied portfolio sourced from around the globe, from blue chip Chinese contemporary artists to traditional ink, iconic legends to rare collectibles, Macey & Sons specialise in sourcing and trading art in both the primary as well as the secondary market. Macey & Sons help clients invest in alternative assets with high appreciation potential and advise in resale options and various exit strategies.
Amanda Wei Gallery
Amanda Wei Gallery exhibits unique art pieces from around the world, including paintings, sculpture, photographs, multimedia, and installations. As a modern art space with an international vision, the Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum to bring wellestablished artists and their works to Hong Kong while also promoting creative young talent.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show would like to acknowledge and thank arts patrons UnionPay International, Macey & Sons, Amanda Wei Gallery, Langton’s East Asia, HK Liquor Store, and FIJI Water; as well as hospitality partners Gold Bar Whisky, Samuel Adams, Leaf Tea Boutique and Tranquini for their support.


Asia Contemporary Art Show, 12th Edition
Conrad Hong Kong, 40th – 43rd floors
March 23rd – 26th, 2018
Opening Hours:
Friday, March 23rd
UnionPay Private View (Invitation only) | 4pm – 6pm
UnionPay VIP Collectors Preview (Invitation only) | 6pm – 9pm
General Admission:
Saturday, March 24th | 1pm – 6pm
HK Liquor Store Art Night | 6pm – 9pm
Sunday, March 25th | 12pm – 8pm
Monday, March 26th | 12pm – 6pm
HK$250 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door)
Free admission for children under 16yrs accompanied by an adult.