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Artistic Practice I : Problems and Standpoints at Zhong Gallery, Berlin

“Artistic Practice I : Problems and Standpoints

Zhong Gallery (Koppenplatz 5, Mitte, 10115 Berlin) April 12 -July 13, 2013


A relative new-comer to the increasingly crowded Berlin art scene is China-focused Zhong Gallery. “Artistic Practice Ⅰ: Problems and Standpoints” is the first exhibition of the gallery’s 2013 research and exhibition project “Contemporary Art in China, 1990-2012″. Curated by Lu Mingjun, the show presents mainly miniature versions of many key works of the past 20 years. One of the best parts of the exhibition though, is the wonderfully informative and darkly amusing timeline on the wall.

Image: Detail of wall text

And here’s a group shot from the opening.

Image: Rachel Rits-Volloch (director of Momentum Worldwide), Professor Yu Zhang, Gaowen Zhu (director of Zhong Gallery), Thomas Eller (artist and curator), Jeni Fulton (associate director of Momentum Worldwide)

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