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2014.12.05 Fri - 2015.01.04 Sun
Opening Exhibition
12/05/2014 18:00
50 Moganshan Lu, Bld 6, 2F Shanghai 200060, P.R.C
+86 21 6227 7856
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 6pm
Thomas Charvériat

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HYBRID curated by Honda
[Press Release]

Major artists from Shanghai and Japan will gather in M50 to host a contemporary art exhibition titled and themed “HYBRID”.

Curated by Honda, a major automobile company, a contemporary art exhibition will take place at M50, the epicenter of the Shanghai art community.

Shanghai-based, internationally acclaimed artist such as “Liu Dao art collective”, “Liu Zhenchen”, Japanese artist groups such as “UGOITA” and “ISHII 2bit + NISHIMOTO Momoko” will be participating the exhibition.

The original meaning of hybrid is to “combine two different things” (i.e. hybrid cars are combination of a motor and an engine), and this exhibition aims to discover what the artists’ interpretation of hybrid is through their creative output.

Dec 5 – Jan 4
10:00 – 19:00

Opening Reception:
Dec 5, 2014
16:00 – 18:00  Press Reception
18:00 – 21:00   Opening Party

Liu Dao art collective
Liu Zhenchen

50 Moganshan Road, Building #6, 2F, Shanghai 200060, China


About this exhibition and Honda:

Honda is expecting to expand its presence in China through their hybrid car products, which is a combination of a motor and an engine. Instead of trying to talk about the term “hybrid” from a technical stand point, this project aims to proliferate the very concept of “hybrid” through the collaboration with artists.

Liu Dao 六岛 (pinyin: Liù Dǎo) is a Shanghai-based art collective of tech-geeks and creative talents driven by innovation and interaction. The collective produces cutting-edge art that constantly contemplates the future of Asia, engages sights and scenes from old and new China and elevates the skills of new talents by working from a communal forum. Liu Dao’s art is visual, interactive, conceptual, humorous, and somber — but always striking, always involving fresh takes on modern technology, and always the product of collaboration. Since Liu Dao’s beginning, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, new media artists, software and digital imaging artists, dancers, writers, engineers and curators have worked together to produce original, intriguing shows. The island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛) has appeared in acclaimed art fairs around the world, including Art Paris, the Hong Kong Art Fair, SHContemporary, Scope New York and Basel, Art Asia Miami, Los Angeles Art Show, Art Stage Singapore, Art Dubai, Contemporary Istanbul, KIAF Seoul and many more…

Liu Zhenchen, born 1976 in Shanghai, lives and works between Paris, Hamburg and Shanghai. After studying painting and video at the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University and the Villa Arson National Superior school of Arts in Nice, he received a “Post-Diplôme” at the Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing, France, in 2007.

Liu Zhenchen is an artist focusing on moving image and video installation of the postmodern urban experience. Last years, he has received a long list of awards and has presented his works on both film and visual arts platforms including Locarno Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival, Les Rencontres d’Arles Photo Festival, “Nuit Blanche” in Paris, Transmediale in Berlin, Ars Electronica in Linz, Grand Palais, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Kunst Museum Bonn, Contemporary Art Museum in Marseille, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art… His work is included in the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou.

UGOITA is a group of amateur “salaryman” gadget lovers who formed together in 2012.

Rationale for their activity is to create something that “moves.”

However, looking back, most of the works they made were actually things that didn’t move.

Some the things that actually moved are:

Game-cassette-shaped Electronic Harmonica, “8bit Harmonica”

A lamp that absorbs color, “Clip Lamp”

An umbrella that plays music, “Musical Rain”

ISHII 2bit
Born in Fukuoka, 1984, he has graduated from Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University. While training himself at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), not to mention his solo artist career of blasting sound, he was the “music guy” at the performance group he and his fellow members has started. In 2010, he has started his own company, buffer Renaiss, and has taken active participation in various projects that are genre-less such as advertising, entertainment, and theater arts. Currently he is in charge of network, back-end system, mobile apps and LED control related tasks.  His most important works are “Omohide Breaker” and “Anti Tagging” (Both iPhone apps).

Born in 1991, she is at the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Physical Systems, Waseda University. Using electronic engineering and physics as her basis, she is currently studying opto-electronics and system engineering. She is also a stage lighting designer.

Artists’ works ( please click gallery for more photos)

2BIT + NISHIMOTO Momoko, ”seek and Seenk”, optic fiber, LED matrix panel, microcomputer, fish tank, etc, H200 x W100 x D150(mm), 2014, HYBRID: seek x seen
2BIT + NISHIMOTO Momoko,《Seek and Seenk》,素材: 光缆、LED矩阵面板、微机、水槽及其他,尺寸:H200 x W100 x D150,2014,HYBRID:观察 x 被观察

Liu Zhenchen, “Ici, là-bas”, HD video, 9 min, 2014, HYBRID: 梦 x 醒 / Dream x Reality
劉真辰,《这儿,那儿》,高清影像,9分钟,2014,HYBRID: 梦 x 醒 / Dream x Reality

Liu Zhenchen, “Ici, là-bas”, HD video, 9 min, 2014, HYBRID: 梦 x 醒 / Dream x Reality
劉真辰,《这儿,那儿》,高清影像,9分钟,2014,HYBRID: 梦 x 醒 / Dream x Reality

UGOITA, “Dancing Paper”, origami paper, maagnet, wire, W800×D300×H250 (mm), 2014, HYBRID: paper x magnet
UGOITA,《Dancing Paper》,素材:折纸、磁铁、金属针,W800×D300×H250 (mm),2014年,HYBRID:纸×磁铁

UGOITA, “Eye Collage”, glasses(acrylic resin), display, W165×D160×H60 (mm), 2014, HYBRID:your own face x someone else’s eyes
UGOITA,《Eye Collage》,素材:眼镜(树脂)、展台,W165×D160×H60 (mm),2014年,HYBRID:自己的头像×别人的眼睛

Liu Dao Art Collective, “Manifest Destiny and Gas Prices”, Medium: LCD screen, 8-bit microcontroller, IR proximity sensor, Chinese papercut (Jian Zhi 剪紙), paper collage, teakwood frame, 103.5(W)×103.5(H)×5(D) cm, HYBRID: Perception x Experience
六岛,《天命和天然气价格》,材质: LCD显示屏,8位微型控制器,IR传感器,剪纸,纸拼画,柚木画框,103.5(宽)x 103.5(高)x5(深) 厘米,HYBRID: 观念 x 经验