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2014.04.30 Wed - 2014.05.30 Fri
Opening Exhibition
04/30/2014 16:00
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
+852 6772 1256
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New Natives: Featuring 28 Contemporary Filipino Artists
[Press Release]

First Comprehensive Overview of Filipino Contemporary Art in Hong Kong

Lightbombs Contemporary
Unit 2B1, 12 Yip Fat Street
Evergreen Industrial Mansion, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Date: April 30 – May 30, 2014

Participating artists Arnel Agawin, Wawi Navarroza, Costantino Zicarelli, and Bobbit Segismundo will be present to give a tour of the exhibition

LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY is proud to present the most extensive exhibition yet of contemporary Filipino art in Hong Kong: NEW NATIVES. Featuring the works of 28 Filipino artists, the exhibition is a survey of the contemporary landscape of the nation, and brings together both established and emerging Filipino contemporary artists. Liberated from notions of the geographical, the exhibition covers the current movements of Filipino artists from around the world. NEW NATIVES will be held at the LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY space in Wong Chuk Hang from April 30, 2014 – May 30, 2014.

Gel Jamlang, Fall, Acryclic and Watercolour, 12 x 16 inches, 2014

The art scene in the Philippines has entered a golden age with the unprecedented development of the commercial sector complimented by a vibrant artist led independent segment. This has produced an ecosystem that is both critically engaging and one of the most robust of the Asian sub-continent – enabling the necessary framework for a generation of artists to make their mark on the international stage. The exhibition brings a microcosm of this complex network to Hong Kong, introducing the canon of contemporary Filipino art to local audiences.

NEW NATIVES explores Filipino contentions with distance, territory and identity, furthering the concepts of exploration, liberation and the home. The exhibition continues to interrogate the physical and alternative topographies that inform the participating artists’ practices, analyzing the very parameters of contemporary art itself.

Ringo Bunoan, Island 09 (edition of 5), Digital Print on Fine Art Photo Paper, 15.5 x 22.5 inches, 2013

The dynamic art practices of the 28 featured artists include a scale of mediums from; photography, collage, painting, illustrations to sculpture-based artwork and more. The artists of NEW NATIVES have been exhibited in Manila and internationally; Noberto Roldan exhibited in the travelling UBS x Guggenhem “No Country” show, Stephanie Syjuco’s works are part of the permanent collection of the Whitney

Museum, Gary Ross Pastrana is part of the Singapore Art Museum’s collection, and most recently Mark Salatus was awarded the 2013 Sovereign Art Public Prize Award.

NEW NATIVES includes works by: Norberto Roldan, Ringo Bunoan, Felix Bacolor, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Jed Escueta, Romeo Lee, Wawi Navarroza, Mark Salvatus, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo, Maya Muñoz, Dex Fernandez, Zeus Bascon, Neil Arvin Javier, Tanya Villanueva, Pancho Villanueva, Marija Vicente, Gail Vicente, Michael Arcega, Stephanie Syjuco, Victor Balanon, Costantino Zicarelli, Arnel Agawin, Bobbit Segismundo, Gel Jamlang, Archie Geotina, Pin Calacal, Jay Yao, Alvin Zafra.

Archie Geotina, 1% Luxury: The Constraints Of Public Opinion, China Ink and Acrylic, 12 x 15 inches, 2014


LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY was founded in Hong Kong in 2011, as a collections management consultancy and development advisory – providing collectors with unique access to Filipino contemporary art. LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY specialises in art that is on the cusp of what the market deems to the mainstream, and believes in fostering personal relationships and the one on one experience with both collectors and artists alike. All artworks are available for viewing by appointment at the 2500 sq. ft Hong Kong space in Wong Chuk Hang. Services include specialised collections management as well as maintenance and provenance programs. 
With extensive knowledge of and exposure to the international contemporary art world, LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPOARY stands for an intimate and customised approach to acquiring and celebrating art.

Dex Fernandez, Happy Shizocouple, Mixed media on archival print: acrylic, thread, glitters, ink, 36 x 36 inches, 2014