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ShanghART on the West Bund,香格纳西岸
2017.09.28 Thu - 2017.10.30 Mon
Opening Exhibition
香格纳西岸,上海市徐汇区龙腾大道2555-10号楼 Bldg. 10, No.2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200232, China
+86 21 6359 3923 / +86 21 5424 9033
Opening Hours
Tue.- Sun. 11am - 6pm (Mon. Closed)
Lorenz Helbling

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‘Under the Rule’
ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
[Press Release]

ShanghART Gallery is honored to present Shi Yong’s new solo exhibition “Under the Rule” on the second floor of the Westbund space on 27th September. This exhibition continues the concept of the artist’s solo exhibition held in 2015. Shi Yong takes “the combined words of violence and modification” (such as dismantling, cutting, welding, shaping and colouring skin etc.) as movement and posture to dissolve the original physical appearance of objects. His mandatory intervention and absolute control at the scene reconstructs the grammar: a form of aesthetic power that implies realistic dimensions. Here, the fractured objects as a metaphor of a body and the scene as a controlled container are important and necessary to Shi Yong. They are the translation of another kind of reality as well as the unrecoverable evidence that the body is lost and abstracted. The pieces of objects almost in abstract form placed on-site are a metaphor to illustrate the existence of the identity of the “artist Shi Yong”. The artist’s 11 latest pieces of work will be shown in China for first time with the opportunity. The exhibition will open to the public from 28th September to 30th October, 2017.

About the artist
Shi Yong was born in Shanghai in 1963. He graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Shanghai Light Industrial School in 1984. Now lives and works in Shanghai. Shi Yong is one of representative figures of contemporary artists whose works were initially involved with installation and video. Since 1993, his works have been widely exhibited both in China and abroad. His artworks associate with a wide range of mediums – including installation, performance, photography and video. Shi Yong’s earliest artistic practice focused on revealing the ambiguity of reality and the inherent tension in the “system”. At the end of the 1990s, Shi began to concentrate on the idea of Shanghai’s contemporary transformation under the myth of China’s opening up, which was continually led to a macroscopic level on globalisation and consumption etc. Since the work Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007 which he made in 2006, his skepticism finally lied in the art world where the artist was deeply immersed. And thinking how to transmit a more rational attitude was emerged. Shi Yong’s 2015 solo exhibition, Let All Potential Be Internally Resolved Using Beautiful Form, continued his art practice, expressed his future intention under the surface of “abstract” and unfolded the reflection as well as practice upon “control”.

About the curator
Sun Qidong now works as a curator for Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. He received an Aesthetics Master’s Degree from l’Université de Strasbourg. Sun is involved in multiple activities in which he questions the relation between art and the economy. His researches mainly focus on the creation of contemporary art and curatorial practice. As a curator, he has recently organised Sonsara: Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Secret Garden: Nathalie Djurberg& Hans Berg, Do you wanna play with me and Non-figurative. In addition, he has participated in initiating the art project Invisible Elephant, as well as in publishing theoretical journal .