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2013.09.07 Sat - 2013.10.31 Thu
Opening Exhibition
09/07/2013 16:00
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The Scholar’s Studio: Group Exhibition of Chinese Art + Design
[Press Release]

Press Release

The Scholar’s Studio: Group Exhibition of Chinese Art + Design

Exhibition Duration: September 7th 2013 to October 31st 2013
Participating Artists: Yu Peng, Huang Zhiyang, Xiang Guohua
Venue: Art+ Shanghai Gallery

The scholar’s studio is a refined place of creation and presentation. Art+ Shanghai Gallery celebrates links to tradition to inspire creativity and contemplation. The current renaissance in Chinese ink painting is represented by internationally acclaimed artists, Yu Peng and Huang Zhiyang in addition to the young painter, Xiang Guohua whose works that resonate with the literati spirit.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery and Chai Living Gallery share a passion for the arts of the Chinese literati aesthetic past and present, but each with a distinct expertise. In Scholar’s Studio the two venues come together through objects collected and created. Contemporary visions in ink and oil combine with traditional and contemporary designs in wood, bronze, and ceramics to capture the artistic essence of the literati tradition and sensibility.

The exhibition will be open to the public on September 7th .In a special performance Xiang Guohua will set up his studio inside the gallery for the second week of the exhibition, September 14th – 22nd and the final week, October 22nd to 28th.

About the Artists:

Huang Zhiyang
Born 1965 in Taipei, Taiwan, Huang Zhiyang graduated from the Taipei Chinese Cultural University in 1989, majoring in Chinese traditional ink painting. He is the first generation of Taiwanese artists who, during the late 1980s and 1990s, established the Chinese contemporary art scene. Huang is the modern day equivalent of the Tang dynasty literati. He is internationally recognized for his contemporary ink and oil paintings that take a contemporary approach to a traditional Chinese medium. His landscapes are anything but traditional; they are contemporary abstractions that combine the western genera of action painting with Chinese calligraphy. The quality of his work exists not only in the materials and technique, but also in the philosophical concepts that go beyond the canvas.

Huang Zhiyang, Three Marks Movement N.0904, Ink & Mineral Watercolour on Rice Paper, 225x123cm, 2009

Xiang Guohua
Born in Sichuan, Xiang Guohua graduated in 2008 from the painting department at the Sichuan Fine Arts Academy University in Chongqing. Although trained in traditional Chinese ink painting and teaching in the department, Xiang has been working in the medium of oil and mixed media since his graduation. His works combine an aesthetic of Chinese landscapes that experiment with the combination of modern and traditional materials and techniques. His latest works include the use of incense to burn small holes on rice paper, in addition to acrylic engraving to create natural scenery.

Xiang Guohua, The Past and Present Repent No.6, Oil on canvas, D 100cm, 2013
向国华,《The Past and Present Repent No.6》,布面油画,直径100厘米,2013

Yu Peng
Born 1955 in Taipei, Yu Peng was trained in several art mediums, including pottery, illustration, traditional ink and oil painting. He studied under master Chen Yigeng. During and following his military service, Yu Peng traveled extensively producing a number of landscape sketches. In the late 1970s he sold his paintings, portraits and sketches to tourists becoming the first street-based painter in Taiwan. Yu has developed a highly personal style of ink painting that is based in tradition but relates in subject to a contemporary audience. His brushwork is frequently unorthodox and simple, a quality resembling the traditional literati aesthetics. His landscapes are often deliberately fragmented and disorderly with human figures, animals and vegetation juxtaposed without any rational link.

Yu Peng, Twilight, 130x162cm, oil on canvas, 2013